The Flare Abercrombie Jeans Every Tall Girl Needs

February 10, 2022
Image of Maddie wearing abercombie denim with just a tall girl clothing review written in word art

Welcome all tall babes! This is another tall girl fashion post discussing my favorite piece of clothing and yet the hardest one to shop for as a tall girl- jeans! Finding long enough pants that are both comfortable and stylish is a huge struggle, often having to sacrifice one for the other so when I find a pair of jeans that fit all three priorities, I feel as though it is my duty to share with the tall girl community! So here is your tall girl fashion review for today: Abercrombie Flare Jeans! Yes, you already know I am a HUGE fan of this brands rebrand and feel it has to be one of the greatest comebacks a brand could make going from that exclusive brand that only fit one body type to now working its way into a more inclusive brand with curve options, sizes 00- 24, and last but not least offering petite to long lengths! Us tall girls know how frustrating shopping is as many brands seem to forget that length and height are also part of creating inclusivity in the fashion world but nevertheless, Abercrombie has taken those steps and hopefully with the positive feedback will continue to further the sizes and lengths and lead other brands to do so! So without getting into too much of a discussion on my thoughts on the fashion world and sizing- this review today is celebrating the recent find from Abercrombie from their flare style jeans that are amazing find for any six foot and over tall girl!

The Abercrombie Ultra High Rise Flare Jeans

Image of Maddie wearing Abercrombie denim

If you look closely you can see that an extra inch and a half would allow for that true full length that hits the ground but I love this length with or without heels!

Perfect For: Calling all 6 foot and above girls who have been in search for that perfect full lengthImage of The Tag For Abercrombie Flare Ultra High Rise Jeans flare full (okay hits just the top of the foot  but that’s full to us) black jeans! As specific as this may sounds- when you are dating/ in your twenties/ or really just like a pair of go to jeans that can be dressed up  then the black flare jeans are where it’s at!  Black jeans are awesome not just for date nights but casual work attire!  Now that flares are so in style it gives us even more reason to invest in black denim because they do look much more stylish and dressier than the skinny jeans ever did!  Plus, flare accentuate your gorgeous legs so for under $100, these are a pair of black denim any tall girl needs!

Sizing: These are the stretchiest pair of denim that I have own so far from Abercrombie. While I would not say that these are jegging material by any means, there is much more flexibility when first putting this pair of denim on than the rest of the denim styles I have purchased from Abercrombie. Being that I am taller than what most “tall” sizes gear towards- the waist is the most snug part as I assumed it is supposed to hit very high waisted and it honestly hits probably an a half inch below the highest part of my waist- making it a little snug at times (especially first putting them on). Regardless, I bought these in the size I usually wear and the size that I have always purchased in Abercrombie denim and am happy that I did!

Length: The length turned out to be better than I expected as I feel that an ideal true tall flare inseam would be 37 inches and these are marked as 34.5! Regardless though, I have been able to sport these with my block heels and never worry about them looking like shants (short pants). If anything they probably fit best of someone tall because you don’t have to worry about the bottoms getting dirty from hitting the bottom of your shoe! They are very much a flare fit which in my opinion is easier to pull off at a shorter length than straight denim- there is something to the flare that disguises that extra inch and a half that those who are shorter than us may be getting with this fit!


Overall, these are a great tall girl find and that perfect pair of denim for your next date night 😉 


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