Finding Clean Makeup Brands

January 4, 2022
Image of a collage with a clean beauty search engine and makeup brands

Despite not being the biggest new years resolution girl, there is one major area that I started making changes to at the end of 2021 and plan to fully enforce into my routine for 2022 and that is clean makeup products. About two months ago I began thinking about the products I was using after a relative shared with me an article that discussed some of the potentially harmful side effects in very popular makeup products. I hadn’t thought much aside from whether my makeup was sensitive skin friendly, being that I have struggled most of my teens and young adulthood with hormonal acne, so upon finding out that these ingredients could pose certain risks and one of those relating to hormones- I immediately began re-evaluating my relationship to everyday makeup products. As I have discussed in the past in my self-care tips – I have premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) which makes me super aware of how hormones impact my overall health both mentally and physically so reading that a product I was choosing to put on my body could effect my own health made me immediately stop and find out how and what products I could find that would be considered clean. I don’t have much control over conditions such as PMDD but I do however have control over the products I am choosing to enhance my face with daily, which has led me to rely upon these three tools and resources to locate these said clean make-up products. So for those of you who want to find out more on clean makeup products and what is in the products they are using- consider checking out one of these resources to find out more about the products you are using or the ones you are contemplating to check out before you make that purchase.

Three Helpful Ways To Find Clean Makeup Brands: 


For a free app to find clean products, download clearya onto your phone! This basically works as a chrome browser that will allow you to shop online at Amazon, Target, Sephora, Walmart and iHerb. If you are an avid Sephora shopper like myself then this app is a must because it works great for nearly all the products at Sephora. Some products still have yet to be reviewed especially when it came to target but as mentioned for popular products especially at Sephora this works great. Once you select a product it will pull up any cautionary ingredient or ingredients that have been associated with long term effects. This was super helpful and informative as I found out that lots of product that are allowed in the U.S. are much more regulated and restricted in other countries to which I was not aware of! Aside from that it will share with you more information that you can follow up and read about why that ingredient has a warning or caution sign which is great too for further education.

Clean At Sephora

As you already know- I love shopping at Sephora and finding this clean at Sephora just makes me that much more of a Sephora fan. For those of you wanting to find clean products online or in store- you can now rely upon Sephora to make it easy for you as they have a little green leaf symbol next to the products that have been marked as clean. This has made the process so much easier as I now only look through the clean at Sephora when doing some online makeup shopping. Not only is it great for making it easy and quick at finding clean products but they also have clean and planet positive to give you the both of best worlds!

Conscious Beauty At Ulta Beauty

If you are more of a Ulta Shopper- consider using their conscious beauty section to find out what products are considered clean. Not only do they offer this as a resource to find clean brands but they also give you cruelty free, sustainable packaging, vegan and brands with a positive impact as options to find the right brands for you to support!

Conscious Beauty And Mindful Ingredients At Bluemercury 

Bluemercury offers a conscious beauty section where you can find products that are vegan, cruelty- free and made with mindful ingredients. Bluemercury offers some brands that Sephora and Ulta don’t and often times they do end up being more expensive but I have appreciated having another option for conscious beaut products to go to for new skin care and makeup products!

These are just a few of the tools that I have been using so far to find clean makeup brands! Be sure to check back for reviews to come on some of these clean makeup finds 🙂