Sweater Outfit Ideas For Date Night

January 22, 2022
Image of Sara wearing a sweater with jeans

Between the two of us we have a ridiculous amount of winter sweaters because well we just happen to love sweater weather that much- so when it comes to a winter date night, we find ourselves frequenting the sweater section of our wardrobe to put together a cute date night sweater outfit!¬† There truly are countless ways to get creative and style your comfy but cute sweaters into a fashionable cozy but also sexy date night look! We are sharing a variety of sweater options that we feel pull together the best winter date night look along with some suggestions to shop for these different styles so that you can easily pull together your next date night outfit and be as confident as you should be heading into your next date winter date night ūüôā¬†¬†

Sweater Outfit Ideas That Are Perfect For Date Night: 

Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Sweater  

Image of Maddie in off the shoulder sweater and jeans I LOVE a good off the shoulder long sleeve sweater because Image of Maddie in a sleeveless sweater and dark jeans when you find the right one you essentially are as comfy as you would be in a oversized sweater, keeping most of your upper body warm, but bearing a little shoulder which is the subtly sexy look that I love for a winter date night! Additionally, it’s so easy to style making it a reliable go to date night top that works for any wardrobe because it can go with a variety of bottoms. This is a great sweater to wear with bootcut or flare jeans and a pair of heels! Being that it is a strapless sweater, it looks great to style with a necklace. The off the shoulder sweater provides you with room to style up or down- if you have a casual night out pair these with your fav go to blue jeans but if its a little bit more than just a casual bar type of vibe- pair this with black jeans and heels or faux leather pants!

I found this particular top at a small boutique and it is from Minnie Rose collection.¬† Unfortunately being that I got it a few winters ago, they no longer have this exact sweater but I can say that this was a splurge worthy item as it has held up in mint condition if you consider one of the various other items/ especially the sale items! In addition to check out the Minnie Rose collection, consider Nordstrom’s sleeveless sweaters collection here!


Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater 

Image of sara in sleeveless sweater top and jeans


Now opposite of the off the shoulder long sleeve sweater- we have the turtleneck sleeveless sweater for a fun playful winter date night look! We probably would wear this on the more mild winter nights but if you have a good go to jacket and don’t intend to be outside for more than a few seconds then this is a perfect choice!¬† Sara styled this with a pair of cropped blue jeans and white booties which really pulls together this put together while keeping it simple enough to work with wherever your date night goes!



Check out Nordstrom and Revolve to find some cute sleeveless turtleneck sweaters similar to Sara’s look!

Sweater Dress

Image of Maddie sitting on steps in a white sweater dress

As mentioned in my tall girl sweater dress fashion review– I love love sweater dresses, especially when I find midi ones long enough for my 6’2 self! Personal¬†reasons aside, sweater dresses are an excellent way to dress up this fav winter garment. Not only do sweater dresses make dressing up easy but it gives you the ability to still remain comfy (if you find the right fit of course) for your date night all the while drawing attention to your beautiful self with this statement piece.¬† ¬†If you live in a region with more mild winters (aka places like Florida) pair this dress with your fav pair of heels (heeled sandals).¬† If you live in a place where there is actually winter weather, sweater dresses look amazing with tall boots or over the knee (otk)¬† boots! I love otk because they are another way to easily dress a winter outfit and in a sexy way, elongating the legs! Tall heeled boots seem to be more popular than they have been in the past few years and I think they are an excellent choice for sweater dresses (google Blake Lively sweater dress outfit for some winter date night inspo!) that do hit a few inches above the knee! While this may be an unpopular opinion, I feel that the sweater dress is best if styled with tall, otk boots or heels but that booties are better left for more of a day time look. But needless to say there are plenty of other options to work with to pull this date night look together!

Shop this sweater dress: Lunarish Midi Sweater Dress

Sweetheart Sweater/Bodysuit

Image of Sara in a sweater and jeans


Switch it up from the loose fitted flowy sweater by choosing a bodysuit sweater top! Even better if you find one with a sweetheart cut for a classic flattering and as we always love for a date night- a sexy look!



Check out Abercrombie for some great go to bodysuit sweaters that will go perfectly with any wardrobe!




We hope you have fun in styling your next winter date night look and of course have fun on your night out ; )

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