Tall Girl Fashion Must Have: Midi Sweater Dress

January 4, 2022
Image of Maddie sitting on steps in a white sweater dress

Having visited Tampa a lot this past Fall, I was lucky to come across some amazing small boutiques and during one of those shopping trips to a boutique in St. Petersburg I found this awesome tall girl find that I knew I had to share with other fellow tall girls. While this is a very small brand that can be challenging to find inclusive sizing and in other stores – I wanted to share in case some of you tall girls were looking for some cute  date night or night out dresses to wear this winter! Not only is this such a cute style that will in my opinion transcend past whatever style is in at the moment it gives you enough coverage to comfortably show off your tall figure and is just the balance for cute and sexy perfect for a date night look.

The Tall Girl Must Have Sweater Dress 

Image of Maddie Standing in the white sweater dress Lunarish Midi Sweater Dress: As mentioned this was a tall girl fashion find that I found in a small boutique, Shandy Boutique. I have never owned anything from this brand before so this was a first time purchase from Lunarish and I am very happy to have found it. Being that this was a tall girl fashion success I went straight to their website when I got home to check out the rest of their collection and was happy to see the amount of midi and long length dresses they offer. While I can’t say how the rest of the collection fits- I can however recommend this particular style of midi sweater dress for fellow tall girls to consider adding to their wardrobe this winter! Not only does this brand offer some adorable boho chic finds for your boho babe lover, it also offers lots of dresses in both midi and maxi lengths, which as us tall girls know is the perfect length for us to choose styles from! While I have yet to find this dress in white online they offer a beautiful color that is the same exact style. For just under $50, this is such a great tall girl find!

Sizing Recommendations: I purchased a medium in this dress and it worked perfectly. Typically I would purchase a small in dresses so I would air on the side of sizing up but I think I could have made the small work since it is more stretchy material with it being a knit sweater dress.

Tall Tips For Finding The Perfect Sweater Dress: Now being that they do run a little small and offer limited sizing (size small, medium and large) I have a few fashion tips to help you in finding your perfect go to winter sweater dress when shopping online:

  • always stick to midi or long length
  • check to see the models height before purchasing, especially if it looks like the sweater dress is barely a midi on the model and you find out the model is tall but not quite our tall girl tall status (aka 5’7-5’10 region) then reconsider it if you want a true midi sweater dress look
  • avoid the dresses with slits at all costs because if they are high on the model then they may just end up being a slit sweater dress that is best for the club which I don’t know about y’all but a sweater dress is the last thing I would want to wear to a crowded club to dance in all night!
  • The adjustable straps are key too so if you do find one like this sweater dress from Lunarish definitely consider it!  Being that we are tall – all of our proportions are that much longer so things like the shoulders can cut tight but with adjustable straps it is the perfect tall girl solution
  • Sweater dresses that are knit without a sweater or buttons are key because the extra stretch and give will help your tall frame to stretch even just an extra inch where needed

Styling The Sweater Dress: Lastly, when it comes to styling this dress with shoes-  I would pick a pair of over the knee boots (otk boots) or tall boots, especially if it is a cold winter night. OTK boots will compliment your tall figure even more emphasizing your long gorgeous legs! If you aren’t concerned about the cooler temps a pair of nude or black block heeled sandals would compliment this midi sweater dress very well!

I hope you find that perfect go to sweater dress to wear this winter! For more tall girl fashion tips check out my other tall girl posts here 🙂