Cute Fall Sweaters- The Sweater Styles Maddie Can’t Live Without

September 25, 2021
Image of Maddie Taking a mirror picture in a long cardigan

With our apartments full prepped for the fall with decor galore, we have begun to shift out focus to our closets and sorting through the essentials for this season. One of those essentials and pretty much the only that we have any excitement over storing away the bikinis to make room for- are the cardigans! Sweater weather season is a favorite not because we love the cooler weather but because we love comfy everything and as we all know oversized sweatshirts and cardigans have a way of excellently being so! So I (Maddie here) am putting together my three favorite cute sweater weather essentials to give you a reference for styles that you can mix and match into any wardrobe and ones that are cute and comfy af.

From early fall looks to comfortable work wear, check out these three basics that will get your through all occasions this sweater weather season!

Cute Sweaters- The Sweater Styles That Are Essential To Maddie’s Everyday Wardrobe: 

Ribbed Button Up Cardigan

Image of Maddie wearing a ribbed button up cardigan



An early Fall essential in my fall wardrobe because this light long sleeve button up can essentially take place of any top and can be styled with most bottoms. This one in particular is a favorite because of the ribbed lettuce edge sleeves which personally is one of those nods to the nineties trends that I am so here for and will make sure to keep around in my wardrobe.


Long Cardigan:

Image of Maddie wearing a long orange cardigan

Image of Maddie wearing a long black sweater When you think of cozy comfy vibes- this sweater right here is it!


While you can mix it up with patterns and colors, sticking to a black long cardigan is the way to go if you are deciding between two as it will match basically any outfit you put on and make any outfit that much cozier! I bought this cardigan from Nordstrom Rack and you can still find it online here – not only is it super affordable it is comfortable and runs true to size in my opinion. A black cardigan also serves as a cute and comfy but reliable casual work wear cardigan!


If you are in the market for multiple long cardigans- try out a cardigan with vibrant fall colors like the one I am wearing on the right (a fabulous T.J. Maxx find btw),


Open Loose Fitted Black Knit Sweater 

Image of Maddie wearing a black cardigan

 This may have been taken during the summer but it will be getting just as much use this fall!

Image of Maddie with a loose open fitted cardigan

Why is this a must have?! It can quite literally go with every single outfit you’ll be wearing this Fall, no exaggeration/ no bs! Better yet it will go excellently with any wardrobe, regardless of the season, when the weather calls for a light cardigan layer.


Whenever I know I need an extra layer, no matter the outfit, I grab this sweater and it is my one must have must pack go-to sweater.  It transcends any trendy style making it a cardigan that will last throughout the seasons  and receive much wear.  It’s loose but finding a cardigan that just hits your waist is key so that it doesn’t  drown out any outfits. It’ll quickly become your favorite amongst all your layers and sweaters for this fall! I was able to find this open knit cardigan from  Nordstrom from B.P. but can no longer find it being sold online but I am sure that this brand and other favorite brands we’ve shared that you can find the perfect open knit cardigan for your fall wardrobe!