Women’s Tall Faux Fur Coats And Vegan Puffers

January 20, 2022
Image of Maddie wearing a winter jacket in an elevator

While I (Maddie here) may be living in the south,  I was both born and raised in the north (and lived there up until last year) which makes me well aware of just how cold and brutal winter weather can be! When you grow up in the north, you gain a huge appreciation and a strong attachment to one specific piece of clothing – your winter coat! This rang particularly true for me the last few winters living up north as I found myself more conscious of what brands and styles were out there and did my fair share of research to find the styles and brands that met all three of my requirements for the perfect winter jacket: long enough (hello tall girl problems), warm, stylish and cruelty-free (aka faux fur/ vegan coats and brands)! Now being that I am in the south this winter, I have found a few jackets that have been great in their level of warmth for the more mild but still chilly winter days we experience here in Dallas, all of which happen to be tres chic and cruelty free as well.  So being that we have a collection of go to coats and brands for different winter climates, all of which are animal friendly and tall friendly for women- we thought we would share our three favorite coats with y’all! From vegan to faux fur, from budget friendly to splurge worthy, we are sharing out three favorite winter coats with y’all to consider the next time you are in the market for a staple winter jacket!

Our Favorite Women’s Tall Faux Fur Coats and Vegan Puffer Jackets: 

Abercrombie Women’s Oversized Vegan Leather Diamond Puffer

Best For: Those wanting a short jacket for mild cool winter temps and for under $100!

image of sara in puffer jacket This is one of Sara’s favorite finds so far. For someone living in the south, where you get the occasional normal but what feels frigid to us southerners winter days, this a great jacket! This is stylish and being that it is black vegan leather you can match it with lots of outfits but it does look especially good for a go to going out or date night coat paired with a pair of jeans and heels boots! Plus right now it is on sale for $100 and quite honestly it keeps us warm than a lot of our other short winter jackets that we have spent much more on in the past! And while we would recommend this for more mild winters, being that it is a short jacket, we will say that this was a go to coat for the coldest day winter day/ girls night out that we have had so far in this year in Texas and provided warmth with the proper winter accessories.

Sizing recs: This jacket seems to run pretty true to size as it is supposed to and has from my experience  have a roomy fit. Only if you are in between sizes would we recommend the larger size. 

Save The Duck Faux Fur Lined Hooded Parka

Best For: Those wanting a splurge worthy, faux fur, parka that will last you for many cold AF winters to come!Image of Maddie wearing Save The Duck Winter Coat

Image of Maddie holding a dog and wearing a faux fur coat

If you love your fur friends – Save The Duck is a splurge worthy brand to know about for winter essentials!

This is a splurge worthy coat (close to $500, although highly recommend looking for sales or off season prices) and really anything from Save The Duck I would say is splurge worthy. Their puffers aren’t as expensive but they are just as cute!  I am 6’2 so you know a coat is long when it covers most of my thigh. The softness fake fur that lines makes me want to live in this winter jacket/ could sleep in it. While I don’t have a need to pull this out for most winter days here in Dallas- the comfiness and stylish winter look of this coat makes me consider sweating it out just to wear this coat. So for those dealing with cold winters and wanting a faux fur statement coat- this is the coat for you!

Sizing recs: SIZE UP. I purchased a large to allow for some extra room for extra chunky sweaters as I knew that those would be the types of outfits I would be wearing on freezing cold days. But regardless, I would have had to size up even if I didn’t account for chunky sweaters (which typically sizing up for me would be to purchase a medium but in this case for this particular brand and this style I went with a large). 

Bernardo Outdoorsy Puffer Parka

Best For: Those wanting that go to every day winter jacket for those typical cool winter days. You know- not quite snowstorm weather but that chilly winter weather where you could use a pair of gloves and a hat.

Image of Maddie wearing a black Bernardo Womens Coat

Zipped up or zipped down, this is my new staple jacket for more mild but still chilly winter weather! 


This was an in store Nordstroms purchase/ find this past Fall and boy am I glad that I found this and even better, I found it on one of the sale racks for just slightly over $100. This is the best ~ $100 purchase you will make for winter fashion as this coat goes with literally every outfit and keeps you warm on those relatively cold days (have yet to experience a snow day in the parka but in twenty something degrees it held up pretty well). This brand is great as they offer plenty of variety in styles in puffer jackets all of which they promote as being sustainable. Being a very tall girl- this is a great in between length jacket, hitting just below my butt.

Sizing recs: I sized up to a medium which typically I am an extra small to a small in shirts and tops. This  could be due to the fact that I am tall and have longer arms and wider shoulders than the average height. The small probably could have worked (?) but it wouldn’t have been ideal to wear over some of my bulkier sweater outfits! As mentioned- this hits just below my butt when sizing up but I am also 6’2 so safe to say either way that this jacket will cover your butt. 





We hope you find your perfect go-to winter coat that keeps you warm, cozy and stylish this winter!

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