Twelve Spring Date Ideas

March 14, 2022

Spring is just around the corner and as we all know springtime is when all things refresh and renew. We get to look forward to warmer temps, more sunlight and soon enough lots of beautiful flowers blooming! With all these changes, I know I am looking forward to getting out more and spending as much time as I can outside and exploring new areas. One of the ways I am looking forward to spending more time out and about is by going out on some fun spring dates! So, as I sit here and daydream of warmer days, I wanted to share this list of twelve date night ideas that I have been on along with some that I hope to go on this spring to welcome the new season in romantic ways!

Twelve Spring Date Ideas: 

  1. Check out an outdoor movie or maybe a drive in (of course make sure to bring all the good snacks)!
  2.  Check out alltrails to find a new place to hike/walk and potentially take the pups if you or your special someone have access to fur babes 😉
  3. Go out for a picnic. The two of you can either make the food or order some delish sandwiches from your favorite lunch spot to take out and eat somewhere pretty! 
  4. Bar Hop! If there is a beautiful spring night- consider checking out a neighborhood with lots of bars next to one another to have a fun night of bar hopping! You may find a bar to come back to for a spring date night dinner! If you live in the Dallas area or are traveling to Dallas in the spring check out these great date night bars in Dallas!
  5. If you haven’t yet, check out the new batman movie. I did this just last weekend but if you are like me you likely haven’t stepped inside a movie theatre since before the pandemic which makes this even more fun to see the new big movie everyone is talking about and getting to enjoy it in the comfort of those oversized movie theatre chairs with the smell of fresh popcorn!
  6. Head to a local amusement park! What could be more fun in the spring than screaming at the top of your lungs on a roller coaster?! Okay maybe this isn’t everyone’s ideal fun but if you are like me and love the feeling of being scared out of your mind (anyone else?!) then bring your special someone with you and head to the nearest amusement park! What better time of the year than right before it’ll be too hot?!
  7. Find a beautiful place to watch the sunset. If you are near the water, definitely recommend considering making an evening trip there and order some pizza and enjoy while watching the sunset! 
  8. Create the perfect charcuterie board, pour some wine, and hang out on your porch.
  9. Watch The Stars: If there is a warm enough night, this has to be the most romantic thing to do and I don’t care how cheesy it may sound there is something magical about stargazing and of course it is even better with your person!
  10. Head to a bar with live music! If it is a nice night out and there is live music that can lead to some of the best date nights.
  11. Weekend away! Whether it is showing them your hometown or it is visiting a new city a weekend away is always a great way to spend quality time with that special someone this spring. For affordable travel tips check out these eight budget travel tips!
  12. When in doubt, look up reviews of restaurants for the type of food y’all are both in the mood for and find a new one with excellent reviews and check it out!

What are some of your favorite spring date night ideas?!

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