Eight Budget Travel Tips To Consider

January 13, 2022
Image of a picture looking out of an airplane window

When you are you single and or in your twenties- the idea of getting out of your routine, packing up, exploring a new area and meeting new people can be so thrilling. Chances are if you are in either of these boats- one of your new years wishes is to have a fun trip/ vaca in 2022! Of course there isn’t much persuasion needed to convince ourselves that we would love to go on a trip but what may need a little help in  convincing that travel is good for us is our bank accounts. Unless we go on a trip that is not a far drive and we have a place to crash, there will be expenses that we will have to consider and budget for in the new year if we want to travel which is why we are sharing the little tips and tricks to consider to help make your travels a little more budget friendly in 2022!

Eight Budget Travel Tips To Consider:

  1. Travel in the off season. Prices are typically dramatically lower in the off season. During the off season you are afforded less crowds, have an easier time moving around and fewer delays or time wasted because of crowds.  If you want to know what the best places to go in the off season are, check out Traveling Life for the 15 best off season travel spots.
  2. Plan your travel in advance. As a general rule, it is suggested to begin planning your travel 6 months in advance. In addition to planning where you want to go, make sure you look into things to do in that area so you can get excited about adventures and you know in advance the cost of the things you want to do. If you are traveling in the off season to take advantage of lower prices, then check to see if attractions are closed for the season. Wanderlust often conjures up images of spontaneous travel but that can really add to your spending so it is recommended that you plan in advance.
  3. If you are flying, do it mid-week as prices are much cheaper! Ever since we started booking trips as young adults- we have bought our tickets on Tuesdays after having noticed a slight drop in prices when purchased ahead of time on this particular day of the week. 
  4. Look at Airbnb’s. If you are planning your trip well in advance chances are you will luck out with a great price for an airbnb! Our first girls trip to Miami we quickly realized that renting an airbnb was the only way to go and we ended up lucking out with the most ideal location near the restaurants and beaches we want to go to all being within a few minutes of walking. The Airbnb was nothing over the top but we were twenty three years old and didn’t need anything but the basics of a place to stay, a small kitchen to store food, and a good location. 
  5. Walk and use public transportation.  While you may be inclined to turn to your uber app as soon as you land and or on your first day out of exploring- take the time to find out the buses to and fro the airport and the public transportation options in the town/city you are traveling to. Also what better way to see a new place and meet new people than to be out and about walking around?!
  6. Pack light. If you do plan to fly- consider the cost of paying for checked bags and think about whether you truly need to pack as much as you typically do. We’ve shared with y’all some of our packing tips and hacks that we have found helpful and we also can totally relate to those who have the tendency to overpack but if you are traveling somewhere more tropical definitely re-consider the amount of outfits you truly need aside from your bathing suit and cover ups.
  7. Buy groceries! We hear this all the time, especially when we are entering the adult world as young adults constantly being told by our parents that the cost of eating out adds up so why wouldn’t we apply this to traveling, especially traveling on a budget! This doesn’t just pertain to the trip upon arrival, purchasing snacks ahead of time for your flight (if you have a long flight) is always helpful in avoiding those higher airport prices. When it comes to your trip, plan to head to a grocery store and stock up on the basics you need for breakfast foods, snacks, drinks and to eat some of your meals in. Of course, with travel part of the experience is to try new foods and new restaurants and we fully support that but if you are trying to be aware of not overspending- consider the restaurants and meals you absolutely want to enjoy out and then account for the meals you can eat in and purchase groceries for.
  8. Check out IG to find any accounts for entertainment guides for the specific city or area you are traveling to to find out about any free events or happy hours you can take advantage of while on your trip! Most cities seem to have accounts that post almost daily with updates on the best restaurants deals going on and free social events that you def don’t want to miss if you are traveling on a budget and looking for entertainment!

We hope that these budget travel tips help you plan your next trip and that wherever your 2022 travels take you that they are filled with amazing memories 🙂 

Where are you hoping to travel to this year?!