Date Night Tops

February 26, 2022
Image of Maddie wearing date night top

Date night tops are so much fun to shop for! While my wallet would say otherwise, I feel like you can never have too many date night tops in your closet. Whether it’s grabbing drinks for a first date or it’s checking out a cute new restaurant that opened near y’all – different occasions and types of dates call for different date night tops. What makes date night tops different amongst the rest of my wardrobe is that these tops tend to pop out more in color and the styles tend to bring a more sexy vibe. So if you are someone who is in the market for a little wardrobe update, I am sharing my favorite staple styles for a date night top that I look for for the perfect date night top!

Date Night Tops: 

Lace Camisole:

Image of Maddie wearing camisole

Image of Maddie in a camisole


I love having a lace camisole as an option for any given date night but find it especially perfect to style tucked into a pair of well fitted flare jeans for a not too casual but definitely not too dressy type of restaurant dinner date. There is just something about the lace, satin or silk top combination that provides that sexiness to your date night outfit without having to do too much. Plus you can layer this look or wear it as is if the weather is warm. I found both of these lace camisoles at Nordstrom and you can find similar styles here



Bustier Top:

Image of maddie wearing date night top

I love bustier tops because they do provide the cut and style that show off your feminine curves (even if you are like me and don’t have much in the chest department) just the look and cut alone provides it (plus it always helps that there is a little bit of extra push up with the bustier top when worn with a padded bra underneath). Not only do these types of date night tops show off our beautiful curves but they also bring more style so that you can easily dress up and stand out in a casual pair of cute jeans when worn with this top and a pair of heels  😉  Again this was another Nordstrom find that you can shop here and you can find the rest of bustier tops on Nordstrom here




Pink/ Blush Tops:

Image of Maddie Wearing a pink date night top

As general as it may sound, I think

Image of Maddie wearing Lucky Brand Pink Top

pink tops/ long sleeve are essential to your collection of date night tops. Why?! Because pink is a flirty color and it pops in any outfit. I remember a friend telling me that wearing pinks and reds makes you stand out more and tends to be more of a memorable look than a more neutral top and not that you need to concern yourself with the idea of what makes an outfit memorable but if you are actively dating or want to feel fun and flirty for your next date then why not add in a cute pink/blush top to your collection of date night tops?!   This top to the left is from ASTR the label and you can shop this date night top here on Nordstrom. The top to the right is from Lucky Brand and can found on sale at Nordstrom here.



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