The Bars In Dallas That Are Perfect For A First Date

June 10, 2021
Picture of Maddie and Sara Sitting at a Bar

The two of us have been living in Dallas for over a month now, which has given us just enough time to check out the highly recommended bars as well as scope out some amazing discoveries of our own! We have had enough fun nights out, brunches and happy hours to get a sense of the area surrounding us and more specifically, get a sense of the places that would be ideal for grabbing drinks on a first date! So, in evaluating the bars that seemed perfect for a first date type of vibe, we went based off of good drinks, busy enough to feel comfortable meeting up with someone new, but not overly crowded so that you can still hear your date speak as you are trying to get to know them. Dating can be a little bit anxiety provoking so why allow the extra factors, such as the setting add to that?! These are the bars with just the right vibe that will put you in the mood, hopefully, to just be yourself and enjoy your date!

Five Dallas Bars To Grab Drinks On A First Date:

  1. Sixty Vines – The name, as we were told on our first boozy brunch here, comes from the funA street view of Sixty Vines fact that they have sixty types of wine on tap! This spot, located in Uptown, not only has great big selection for you and your date to choose from but its atmosphere and set up make for the perfect welcoming spot for all occasions and party sizes with its oversized tables for big parties to its intimate tables for two. Between the spacious seating and its popularity, it makes for an excellent selection for a first date night spot! It’s also great because you can pick what sized glass of wine you want– which can be nice on a first date if you aren’t sure of the connection you can keep to a small drink and if things pick up you can order a bigger glass the next round!  To find out more, check out their website!
  2. Parliament – Located in Uptown and just a few buildings down from a strip of bars, this location provides you with options to potentially bar hop and assures you that it will be a popular (busy) area to meet your first date at! This dimly lit bar with red accent lights illuminating the ceiling high bar provides you with a more intimate setting- so depending upon how your date is going this could be a great second bar to check out or a great place to start if you get there early enough to snag a seat at the bar before the crowd comes. You will be happy with these drinks and even more so if you get to see the bartenders making their craft cocktails and the dedication that goes into making these amazing concoctions for you and your date to enjoy! Tequila lovers—if you typically opt for a Ranch Water drink order, definitely try out their much fancier twist/version to the traditional Ranch Waters, their Market Ranch Water! To check out their menu and more, visit their website !
  3. Paradiso – Okay so this one had to make the list because if your taste is anything like ours and you crave any aesthetics that remind you of a happy small town feel this is a place you will Photo of the Paradiso Signsurely be obsessed with! This is a place that without a doubt was a go to for a girls brunch but we discovered that they offer a remote area off of the restaurant that allows for a more relaxed, but perfect for drinks and a date, type of spot with couch seating and darker lighting. Plus- Bishop Arts District is just the cutest area outside of the city that will make you feel like you left the city and entered the most picturesque small town that could easily be used as a Hollywood studio set. So if you want that tiny town charm setting to add to what we hope is a wonderful date, then definitely check out Paradiso and walk around Bishop Art District too! To find out more about Paradiso visit their website!
  4. Leela’s Wine Bar – As shown in the image to the right, Sara visited this bar a few times during Image of Leela the holidays, prior to making the move into the city, which if anything tells you this spot is well worth the trip! You can also tell that this is a go to at any point in the year but particularly during a major holiday season as they do them big with lots of festive holiday themed decor to celebrate! But either way– this is a more intimate setting and perfect for a date with its consecutive tables seated for two! For wine lovers living in lower Greenville or wanting to check this neighborhood out- suggest this bar for your next date! Also if you are an espresso martini lover- this is Sara’s fav place to grab one! Check out Leela’s website to find out more!
  5. Hg Sply Co – This is a fav of Sara’s and a must have on the top of the list! Not only will it be loved based on its drinks but this Greenville bar has a rooftop that gives you a view of the downtown Dallas skyline! Could you ask for a better setting to grab drinks with someone you are hoping to get to know more intimately while overlooking your fav city?! To read more about Hg Sply Co check out their website !