Self- Care Tips To Enjoy Valentine’s Day While Single

January 26, 2022
Image of Valentines Day decor and crystals

Candy, hearts, flowers, jewelry, cards, stuffed teddy bears…. It’s all a lot when you’re super single. Not that being single is a bad thing, of course! Being single gives us the freedom to date around, learn about ourselves and the people we surround ourselves with, and be independent. Many of us aren’t quite ready to get into a relationship, and are unwilling to settle for a situationship. But, whether we’re single or not, Valentine’s Day will still come.

As the month of love nears, just days away, we know that Valentine’s Day will soon be entering the discussion, if it hasn’t already yet, especially amongst the conversations we have with our besties who are in relationships!  So being that we have been in this situation before, single on Valentine’s Day we thought back to how we could have celebrated the holiday by enjoying our single status more rather than comparing and despairing our status to those who are celebrating with their special someone?! Of course, the first thing that popped into our heads – more self-care!

Sometimes self -care can be something big, like finding a therapist to help us talk through our feelings when we’re overwhelmed and need help navigating what’s going on in our heads. But for this coming Valentine’s Day, self- care is a little more simple. We simply want to find ways to enjoy where we are at and celebrate the love that we do give and receive in our lives outside of romantic relationships! One of the best ways to do this this valentines day is with some self-care to practice self-love and feel empowered by it! Whether you are looking to celebrate alone or with your girlfriends this valentines day or Galentine’s day – we came up with self-care ideas to help inspire you, show yourself some love, those around you and remind you of how amazing love is in all forms and that no matter what your status is – you can look forward to celebrating the month of love!

We have rounded up some ideas for you to consider incorporating into your self-care routine to enjoy and celebrate love this Valentine’s Day:

Grab your single friends and have a Galentine’s Day celebration– whether it be making a reservation, having a wine and cheese night in. Whatever it may be- celebrating with your besties will fill you up with love.

Put together a Valentine’s Day care package for you and your single bestie! I actually love seeing all the hallmark cards, candies and teddy bears in the stores regardless of my relationship status and you can too! Pick out your besties or loved ones fav candies and put together a little care package to make their day! While you are at it- pick out some of your fav candies to have out and decorate your place with some extra love during the month of February! Oh and I have to say the whole foods selection for some scented Valentine’s Day candles have been fabulous  and would highly recommend considering  a sweet one for your humble abode to have throughout the month of love!

Create a list of goals or a vision board of how you want the rest of the year especially with your social/romantic life! This can include dating goals as well. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you will be months from now but regardless before you begin getting back out there or resume those hinge dates- being more intentional and mindful of what you bring to the table and what you want from a significant other is so important- it will help you continue avoiding situationships (if that’s what you want to avoid) and not settle for less than what you give and deserve. I recently had received this advice from someone who was letting me know that before they met their SO they made sure to make a list of the qualities they would love to find in a partner before they really got back out there and dated around. Sometimes we are so nervous about a date or the dating process we forget to even do an exercise such as this!

Binge Watch all the Best Valentine’s Day/ Galentine’s Day movies! Grab your fav drinks/ foods and comfiest clothes and chill out on the couch for a relaxing night where you can watch all the best Valentine’s Day movies – we came up with the ten best movies to watch for Valentine’s day and surely some of these rom-com’s will make you laugh this holiday!

Go out and get pampered! Go get that facial, go get your nails done this month and pick pinks and red colors to celebrate the month of love! I did this this past weekend in anticipation for the month of February and as silly as it may sound you begin to feel like a whole new you when you walk out with a fresh mani pedi especially when you switch it up with some brighter than you are used to and longer than you are used to pink nails!

Take a yoga class. Either find a video on YouTube or find a local studio and take the class with another single friend, or make a new friend at the studio.

Take a long walk without your phone somewhere scenic. Just take time to be present and open to the beauty around you.

Buy yourself flowers. They have a way of brightening your day and making you smile. Better yet- buy a variety and create your own floral arrangement! This is not only fun for you but you can pick up a new skill and find a whole new level of appreciation for floral arrangements knowing you arranged it! Check out our  DIY floral arrangement guide to find out how to make one step by step!

Make a list of the books you want to read this year. Then, pick one and get started on Valentine’s night!

Take a long bath. As cliche as this idea may seem- what better way to unwind and take care of you with a relaxing night in in a hot bath.

However you decide to spend this holiday- we hope you remember that you you are amazing and should celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day!