Ten Movies To Consider Watching this Valentines Day

February 13, 2021

Welcome back to our monthly section, #justlivingforyourentertainment, where we review all the entertainment suggestions for you to consider viewing for your next couch date! With the holiday of love taking place mid February, we felt the need to dedicate these suggestions to rom-coms! Whether you are single, in a long term relationship, engaged, married, divorced– whatever your relationship status is we want to give you our top ten picks to entertain you no matter what your stance or view towards romance is. While we feel that that your relationship status should not determine your ability to celebrate this holiday of love, we are still well aware that there will be a wide range of views on that, which is what has prompted us to select a well rounded guide of rom-coms to watch this Valentine’s Day 2021.

Our Top Ten Valentine’s Day Movie Picks

  1. Bridesmaids I think we’ve probably all seen or at the very least heard of this film, and there’s a reason for that as this film gives you some of the most memorable iconic laughs all the while giving you a genuinely cute story. There is more of a focus on friendships rather than the celebration of a marriage, which is why we enjoy this one for a Galentine’s day pick. Whether you are loving love at the moment or despising it, I think you can find this film enjoyable this valentine’s day, offering a wide range of characters who, too, hold a wide range of views on romance, and will easily make you laugh. Where to Watch: Amazon Prime                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Bride Wars If you enjoy watching friend dynamics and haven’t seen this film yet, this should be your next watch. While the plot centers on two besties that let wedding planning get the best of their friendship, leading to a battle of destructive, cringeworthy and simultaneously LOL moments, it delivers an entertaining Galentine’s day pick that ultimately illustrates that at the end of the day it’s our bestie we need there throughout every stage of our lives. Whether it be your next wine night in or this Valentines day, I would recommend watching it with your bestie!  Where to Watch: Hulu 


  1. Crazy, Stupid, Love Okay so slightly biased because we are HUGE Ryan Gosling fans and of course as always he is looking his best! But with that being said, this film gives you a well balanced traditional rom-com feel, in the sense that it keeps it light, all the while straying away from those overrepresented simplistic young couples, first love, type of stories Hollywood clings to. With lots of laughter, at the expense of the protagonists (Steve Carrell) out of touch to the dating scene mistakes, this film is well balanced romance and laughter. Where To Watch: Amazon Prime


  1. Hitch If you are looking for a rom-com to entertain you and a special someone who is not on the same page when it comes to tolerance for rom coms, then I present to you the best of the best for Valentine’s day options. This is the perfect combo of romance meets actual comedy without the sap. Will Smith does an excellent acting job, as always, portraying a dating coach to Kevin James, who doesn’t have the easiest time with dating. There really are some iconic scenes in this film that I don’t think get enough attention despite this being a popular film– highly recommend! Where To Watch: Amazon Prime


  1. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days I mean how could this not be included?! It’s that rom-com that has managed to keep its frequent air time throughout the years. Almost eighteen years later and still popular, this makes this a must see and a true rom com classic. Just the duo alone, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, would be enough pull off any script, but this film’s substance sustains itself with hilarious moments balanced with romance to give you that rom com fix this weekend! Where To Watch: Amazon Prime


  1. The Proposal Despite the premise of the film, with a high level editor faking a relationship with her assistant to avoid deportation, this has a very traditional rom-com feel to it. That’s not to denounce this film’s authenticity, whatsoever, as this film delivers a great performance by Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds with lots of laughs and romance. Where To Watch: Hulu


  1. Something Borrowed This is perfect for those looking for an imperfect love story. I don’t know what it is– but from time to time, I find it refreshing to watch a messy rom-com that is less than predictable. It’s got an eclectic cast that I am shocked they were able to put together so casually, now that I think of it– starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinsky, and Steve Howey (aka KEV from Shameless- for all of you Shameless fans). If you are looking for a messy rom-com that is less focused on character development and more focused on messy relationships and dynamics, this will be of interest to you and will definitely keep you entertained for the duration of this film! Where To Watch: Amazon Prime


  1. Wedding Date SO good and SO underrated in Maddie’s opinion! If you haven’t heard of this film and are desperate to uncover a hidden rom-com gem, then stop what you are doing and watch this film. Seriously the ratings do not do this film justice with this film depicting enjoyable, entertaining, and messy romance in a very memorable scenic setting, somewhere in the countryside of England (equally comparable to The Holidays scenic views). For people who cant get enough of all things British this is a must see! Where To Watch: Hulu


  1. When Harry Met Sally This is a bit of a #tbt and still even after all these years it’s up there on the top rom-coms to this day making it a must see during this time of the year! There is laughter with a cute love story and great acting to be seen! Where To Watch: Hulu, Prime and Showtime


  1. The Wrong Missy Honestly I’ve been waiting for a reason to recommend this underrated and unexpected LOL film. I went into watching this with the lowest of expectations, no offense to the film, but the premise of the story seemed less than sustainable to make a funny movie. BOY was I wrong and never have I been so happy to be wrong…. these low expectations were quickly met with unanticipated laughter that kept tears in my eyes throughout the film. It’s out there but if you don’t mind a ridiculous story and an even more ridiculous(-ly crazy and funny) lead then you will love this rom-com. It’s different from the rest as it’s not a cutesy romance, instead it’s about one of the most ridiculous(-ly funny and odd) leading ladies and a very frustrated leading man, who accidentally invites the wrong date to his work trip. Where To Watch: Netflix