My Five Skin Care Travel Essentials For Well Hydrated Skin

March 18, 2022
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This week I am in Tampa for my moms birthday and  while I couldn’t be any more excited for a fun but also relaxing celebratory trip, I know that my skin on the other hand will be dreading the toll it takes on my skin. No matter how much I try to be mindful of staying hydrated, my skin is always left feeling one way after a flight: dry AF. Since I know that this is a feeling that is likely to occur from traveling, I am hyper aware of the skin care products that I pack away with me, making sure that they all do their fair share of providing relief from that post plane dry skin feeling and wanted to share five of my skin care essentials for travels with y’all!

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My Five Skin Care Travel Essentials For Well Hydrated Skin: 

  1. Aquaphor – Aquaphor is always an essential skin care item for me so of course it makes it into my luggage when packing for a trip, especially when we are talking hydration! There are so many uses I get out of Aquaphor, especially as part of a lip hack (read my lip hack here). So if you anticipate your lips drying out or just want to look like you have hydrated plumped lips regardless, this is a must. In addition to the tube of Aquaphor (see here) that I carry around with me pretty much everywhere I also have the Aquaphor lip protectant with SPF 30 (see here).
  2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – There is a reason this is an amazon’s choice! This is my favorite and pretty much only skin cleanser that I use. As someone with very sensitive skin prone to hormonal acne with oily skin that feels dry this gentle skin cleanser is just that, a gentle enough product to remove the dirt from your skin. Although they have facial cleansers, I have found this particular product of Cetaphil to be the most gentle and non drying skin cleanser! I have a large bottle of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser that I use daily (you can find it here) and keep a few travel sized Cetaphil gentle skin cleansers stored away for trips that you can find here! There is also a great bundle package that comes with travel and bigger sized bottles here.
  3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask – if you have yet to hear about this mask then let me introduce you to a Sephora favorite. Not only is this a beloved hydrating mask that nearly everyone who I know who has tried it raves about it  but it is also clean at Sephora product! As the name suggests, it is the perfect mask for post travels, it is so hydrating and feels like the most hydrating and nourishing creme formula to indulge your skin in!  If you are wanting to just try this product out consider the travel sized mask because when I have used this product more conservatively as a spot/ area mask treatment for those particularly dry patches/ areas of my face it lasts for months!
  4. Kiehl’s Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Cream – If there is a splurge worthy item to invest in to rejuvenate your skin while on vaca, it is this cream! Whether or not you want or need an anti-aging cream, this should be on the list of top hydrating creams/moisturizers out there, so much so that that this has been the only cream out there that has provided relief from accidental too much retinol cream.
  5. Caudalie Grape Water Moisturizing Face Mist – Another favorite from a clean beauty brand, this Caudalie Face mist is so helpful on travel days! A quick spray and I am able to forget about that dry feeling I was starting to experience underneath my set makeup! Best of all it doesn’t cause my makeup to run or fade and they offer a travel size bottle to ensure that you can pack this away with you for that next getaway!

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