The Best Types Of Affordable Travel Equipment And Workouts

March 20, 2022
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This week I am away on a family trip in Tampa and while I have been prioritizing hanging out with the fam and having some fun in the sun, I still have enjoyed finding ways to take care of my body and get it moving. Of course, being away means not having access to the usual types of workouts and workout equipment that I am used to at home but I try to not let that stop me from finding other enjoyable ways to take care of my body and keep up with my self-care routine!  While there may be classes, studios and or gyms to buy guest passes to while visiting a city or town, these day passes add up and take time to find and travel to, taking up resources that can be used for other fun travel related activities. For that reason,  I think it is great to have equipment that is easy to travel with and workouts that can be accessible wherever your travels may take you!  So with the official start of Spring being today and knowing that there are lots of Spring travels ahead, I wanted to share with y’all some of my favorite affordable and easy to pack workout equipment and easy to implement into your travel schedule types of workouts!

The Best Types Of Affordable Travel Equipment And Workouts:

  1. Online Dance Cardio Classes. Dance cardio is one of my top favorite types of workouts and while it is mostly a favorite workout because it is a fun way to move my body that makes me feel like i’m dancing in the club all the while getting a sweat sesh in, it also is a favorite because it can be done pretty much anywhere. Typically all that I need is a phone or a computer to follow along to some online dance cardio classes and voila, I have the perfect travel workout routine! For free online dance cardio classes check out five of my favorites here!
  2. Resistance Bands. First things first, the easiest equipment to pack for a workout on the go: Resistance Bands! Not only can you get a strengthening sesh in from anywhere with these but you can also incorporate these into a cardio and strengthening two for one sweat sesh! Resistance bands aren’t just for travel workouts but hav quickly become a staple part of my regular home workouts! Consider affordable resistance band options from amazon like these Peach Bands!
  3. Walks. Walks are my favorite to get some movement in while on vaca. Plus when you are in a new city or area you want to see more of, why not explore by foot and get your movement in at the same time?! 
  4. Exercise Cords With Door Stoppers. For extra resistance and movement, I have loved these resistance bands with the door anchor to do lots of different exercises! Check out this great set that I purchased from Amazon last spring and use daily both at home and when I travel. It comes with a bag too, perfect for throwing the bands in and packing away for your trip;)
  5. The Fitness Marshall. Again, cardio dance is a love of mine and having taken the time to sort through lots of different online workouts, I found one of my favorite exercise instructors out there who is not just providing you with fun and enjoyable dance moves that make you feel sexy AF but also provides you with the most amount of hilarious commentary to double the endorphins and give you the type of workouts you will want to use on vaca and back at home!  He has plenty of free videos to popular songs that you can enjoy but consider checking out The Fitness Marshall website here to find out more about his memberships that offer thirty to sixty minute classes to give you a full sweat sesh with all the fun at an affordable cost! 


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