Natural Beauty Tips: Lip Hack

May 21, 2021
Maddie Applying Lip Gloss in The Mirror

When it comes to summer, we look forward to spending as much time by the pool, lake or beach– so much so that we find ourselves spending as little time as possible on the getting ready part to maximize all our potential fun in the sun time! Especially after quarantine when we have become so accustomed to the shortest morning routine and our natural look that the idea of doing a full makeup routine has lost a lot of its appeal. Now, as we approach our favorite season and hopefully start to find some semblance of normalcy (aka more socializing than last summer) we are trying to find a good balance between a makeup routine that has us feeling our best all the while taking the least amount of time. So for those of you who share a similar mindset, we will be discussing the products and tips that we find give that desired balance. But for now, we have one product that the two of us feel is an absolute must know beauty tip to help enhance your beautiful smile with almost no time nor effort. Say goodbye to lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners and say hello to this amazing drug store product– Aquaphor!

Image of Large Sized and Small Sized Aquaphor Bottle

The one product you will find in our bag with us at all times- Aquaphor! This is the one lip product that we can’t live without and the one product we use during the summer season when we want a simple makeup routine.

Yes, you read that correctly- that product that you pass in the drugstore among the moisturizers and other intensive hydrating products holds the holy grail when it comes to lip care/ our go to lip gloss! This is a product that we have been using for years and to this day we still find it giving us a better end result than most other lip gloss brands do when it comes to a natural yet full looking pout. Of course lip liner will always make your lips look fuller but for those wanting to be efficient and very much effortless look in their makeup routine, skip the extra lip products and stick to this one simple yet amazing product. Be sure to go for Aquaphor over Vaseline and don’t make the same mistake we did in getting the two mixed up. After hearing about the difference in these products, we switched over and noticed all the difference- with Aquaphor providing much more moisture, hydration and as a result a happier glossy smile. SO the next time you are in the drug store, make sure to stock up on this. It costs less than $10 and as we’ve mentioned it does more and definitely outlasts our other lip glosses. Oh and during the summer don’t forget to check out the Aquaphor products with SPF in it– perfect for your beach days!