My Favorite Tall Girl Comfy Travel Outfit

August 17, 2022

Long-distance travel can be grueling, especially if you don’t dress comfortably. Make trips more comfortable with the right tall girl clothes.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that I’ve been traveling a lot this summer, and with that comes plenty of time spent in airports and on planes. While I love traveling and exploring new places, getting there can be grueling. Usually, by the time I get to my destination, I’m ready to check into my hotel and crawl into bed! 

One of my favorite tall girl travel tips to make traveling more relaxing is finding comfortable clothes for your trip. The last thing you want is to be crammed in a middle seat on a long flight wearing a tight pair of jeans or an itchy sweater. On the other hand, you don’t want to be sitting on a long flight in the freezing cold.

This is why I make the conscious effort to pick out a comfy outfit the night before I leave to go on a trip. So, here are some of my go-to travel outfits!


My Go-To Travel Outfit: Yoga Pants (Leggings or Flare), Fitted (long or short sleeve) Shirt, Oversized Cardigan, and Lifestyle Shoes 

My Go-To Travel Yoga Pants: Lulu Align Pants 

The Lulu Align Pants are not just my go-to for travel, but these also happen to be my go-to workout pants. The comfortable and flexible material makes them super comfy for travel, whether on the plane or around your hotel room. Best of all, if I plan on working out while on my trip, it’s one less thing I need to pack, allowing me to pack more efficiently and free up space in my suitcase. 

My Go-To Oversized Cardigan: Qualfort Cardigan

This is my favorite tall-girl-friendly oversized cardigan. Even better, this cardigan is very affordable and comes in several stylish colors. 

This cardigan is an Amazon must-have to add to your tall girl wardrobe and doubles as your go-to travel cardi! 

You know that any outfit can use an oversized cardigan, so why not wear it with you on the plane and free up some more room in your suitcase?!

My Go-To Travel Shoes: Reebok Classics

Unless I need space and have to wear my workout shoes, I usually wear a pair of Reebok Classics that will go with a variety of casual outfits that I am packing in my suitcase. These are comfy and easy to travel in and, of course, stylish! 

I love Reeboks because they go well with pretty much any jeans, midi skirt, or dress and give you that Y2K look. Plus, they provide lots of support.

Most importantly, they have lots of shoes in sizes 11 and up for us tall girls!


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