Tall Girl Travel Tips Part 2: Packing Efficiently For Long Trips

August 2, 2022

Packing for a long trip and plane ride can be difficult, especially as a tall girl. Read these space-saving tips to pack more efficiently and comfortably.
With summer in full swing, I find myself living out of my suitcase more than in my apartment! If you’ve been keeping up with me lately, you’ll know that I’ve been traveling a lot these past few months, including flying internationally.

While I absolutely love traveling and feel blessed that I’ve been able to go to such incredible places, the act of getting to the destination can be INSANELY stressful. Between making sure I didn’t forget my passport at home and going through customs at the airport, there are many parts of traveling that I don’t necessarily love. Unfortunately, packing is one of those things.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I tend to (way) overpack when I’m going on a trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick girls’ weekend a couple of hours away or a full-blown European excursion— I always end up packing more than I know is necessary. I would rather struggle to zip up the suitcase than not have enough options for whatever occasions or excursions arise during a trip.

The biggest struggle of traveling as a tall girl is we tend to have longer jeans, pants, dresses, and especially shoes! This makes packing all of my clothes in a suitcase quite a pain.

So, if you are a tall girl, learn from my mistakes and consider these tips to help you pack more efficiently and effectively!


Find A Big Enough Check-In Luggage 

If you need enough clothing options to last you a week or more, chances are you will want to check a bag to fit all your belongings. Invest in a big bag with lots of room to store away your items.

A great brand that I have found to be helpful in packing for Ireland was a hard shell check-in bag from IT luggage. You can find many different designs and colors from Amazon, all costing less than two hundred, which is quite a steal compared to other brands.


Prioritize Carry-On Bags 

I prioritize my carry-on bags by storing larger items, such as my shoes and makeup. Not only does doing this allow me to pack more clothes in my check-in bag, but it also takes some of the weight off of my checked bag so that I don’t hit the fifty-pound weight max.

Pack your shoes and your makeup into carry-on bags and whatever personal items you need to help you get through your next flight. Try a “personal sized” purse like this oversized amazon bag or this travel bag with a designated spot for shoes to really fit it ALL!

As for your check-in bag, consider a smaller-sized suitcase that you can wheel and attach this purse to so that you can easily be on the go at the airport! If you need a smaller-sized wheel check-in luggage, this stylish light purple luggage from travelpro is my personal favorite and is always a top recommended travel brand!


Make a Packing List and Plan Out Outfits 

I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to stay organized is by making a packing list. This will help you keep track of what you absolutely need to bring and what you can live without. Go day by day and plan outfits that can be worn with the same pair of jeans–I find that jeans and pants take up the most room, so packing fewer pairs of bottoms with more lightweight tops allows for more room!

(Pro Tip: Find a pair of jeans and a skirt that can be worn with multiple tops to pack fewer bottoms)


Wear Your Bigger Items During Your Flight

Have a pair of super thick shoes?! Have an oversized cardigan?! Wear them on the plane. You can never have too many layers for the plane, no matter the weather at your destination. Most importantly, this will help you save valuable space in your luggage.


Pack Helpful Sleep Accessories for Long Flights and Red Eyes

Not only is it hard to sleep on a plane, but when you are over six feet tall, it is nearly impossible to do so with any comfort. Luckily there are sleeping accessories that you can purchase ahead of time on Amazon. Some of them may seem over the top, but I promise, nothing is worse than starting your trip off with a sleepless night or a sleepless long AF plane ride!

I have the hardest time sleeping on planes being that I am a side/ stomach sleeper. So for side sleepers, check out this plane accessory.  Our bodies are too long to fold over and rest on the tray table, which is when these sleep accessories come in handy!


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