Clean Beauty Hair Products I Use to Protect My Hair

August 17, 2022

Looking for clean beauty products to add to your hair care routine?! Here are a few of the favorites I use to style my hair daily.

Having gone through some very dramatic hair changes–going bleached blonde–I understand how much the products we use to clean and style our hair matter. 

Being a clean beauty girl, I’m always looking for new clean beauty products free of harsh and harmful chemicals.

So when it comes to everyday hair care, I try to keep my hair routine to as few products as possible and allow my natural oils to do their thing to keep my hair as healthy and natural as possible. 

With that in mind, here are three products that I use daily for hair care:

I use this heat protection cream immediately after I get out of the shower and before I blow dry my hair. This clean beauty product helps protect my hair from the blow dryer and prevents frizzy hair.

This product was recommended as the best daily hair spray to prevent that dull or dry frizzy look that your hair sometimes gets in between wash days. I have used this on wet, damp, and dry hair, and it has done a nice job hydrating my hair and adding some shine!  Best of all, it smells super nice 😉 

This is a great vegan product for keeping your hair looking smooth in-between washes–especially if you work out a lot and desperately need a refresh but don’t have the time.


Do you have any clean beauty products you’d recommend?