Four Fun Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

February 3, 2022
image of mels kitchen dessert cookie bars

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other or you are all about celebrating Galentine’s Day with your besties, cooking some fun and easy desserts is always a great idea. So, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite fun easy recipes that you can make this Valentine’s Day. Here are some fun ideas for enhancing any normal dessert date night for this upcoming Valentine’s Day: create a signature drink that is red or pink, add candy hearts to your table, grab some inexpensive champagne flutes, add strawberries to drinks, buy themed plates on which to serve your dish, find a Valentine’s table runner, put roses on the table, light candles, use a red tablecloth, and use low lighting, and you have yourself a romantic table!

Now let’s get to the fun easy recipes for your Valentine!

Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes: 

Easy Sugar Cookie Bars – Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

You know it’s going to be a good recipe when it is from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe! This one however stands out as a fun easy Valentine’s Day recipe that you must consider making the next week or so before the holiday of love. If you are having a Galentine’s Day celebration then this is the choice for you because these bars can feed a larger sized group and who doesn’t appreciate cookie bars?! It’s the best of both worlds!

Pink frosting?! Yes please!

Easy Gluten Free Cookies

This is one of our very own delish recipes to try out! For all those who are gluten free or will be celebrating with someone who is gluten free- this is the cookie recipe for y’all!  With just fix basic ingredients- you easily follow this recipe to satisfy any sweet tooth! You can check out the full recipe on our blog here!

Image of cookies on a valentines day plate

With a cute platter, these gluten free cookies are the perfect sweet treat to serve a big group!

What’s Gabby Cooking Dad’s Kitchen Sink Cookies

Regardless of the holiday, these are a must for any sweet tooth lover, especially for a winter treat! My sister first introduced me to this recipe and it was made countless times throughout last winter to get us by those winter blues. And for those of you who love oats and making anything with oat as a main ingredient you are just in luck with this recipe! After having discovered this recipe last year, I am now realizing that you can make these fun for a particular holiday but choosing m&m’s with the particular color of that holidays so being that it is the celebration of love- consider adding in pinks, reds, and white m&m candies that you often see being sold in large packs during Valentine’s Day at most any convenient store! In the past we have made changes or variations to this recipe, sometimes opting out of the dried fruit for those of us who just love chocolate- regardless these are amazingly delish! For the full recipe, check it out on What’s Gaby Cooking here!

Image of Whats Gaby Cooking Cookies

Stick to red. pink and white m&m’s to make this delish recipe perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The Perfect Vanilla Cupcake Recipe- Natasha’s Kitchen

We shared this recipe with y’all in our fun dessert recipes post for four of the best cupcake recipes and it is absolutely making a reappearance on this list too! Who couldn’t use a fun easy cupcake recipe to decorate with pink frosting or valentines day candy/ decorations on top! This is not only a recipe for a delish basic vanilla cupcake but it is great for getting creative and having fun during the holiday because you can go as big as you want and all out as you want with the decoration on top! You can find this full recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen here!

Image of Vanilla Cupcakes

Get creative with the toppings and decorating this fun easy vanilla cupcake recipe!


We hope you have enjoy these fun easy Valentine’s Day dessert recipes!  Check out our fun easy recipes for more ideas!