Fun Girls Day Out Ideas To Do This Winter

January 11, 2022
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Baby, it’s cold outside! That means we have to get creative in our outings so we don’t freeze to death or be just plain miserable cooped up inside our apartments alone. We just slid through the holiday season where we were constantly on the go visiting family and while we appreciate all the family time we can get during the holidays- we try our best to see more of our friends once the holidays are over. The thing is is that often times it seems like there is entertainment lacking post holidays because the Christmas lights are down, the holiday parties are over and there aren’t any holidays for a few months that call for get togethers and celebrations so we find ourselves wondering what should we do for a fun girls day in the winter?! This has led us to take time looking at ig accounts that advertise entertainment in our area and use our own creativity to come up with ideas to have a fun girls day that gives us quality time with our faves and get us doing something different to make winter fun!

Fun Things To Do This Winter For A Girls Day Out

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We all love a good brunch so try adding some of these other fun activities onto your girls brunch for the ultimate girls day out this winter 🙂

  • Schedule an entire day: For the best girls day out- we suggest planning out the entire Saturday from start to finish with activities and down town but all under one roof! This was our favorite way to have a large girls day get together in college on the weekends. We would plan from as soon as we woke up to when we were going to bed and would all meet up at one of our friends homes and plan for everyones to get meet up there, get ready and sleep over at. It’s great because it gives you that quality of time that a weekend getaway would being under one roof but without the additional cost of planning a girls weekend away!
  • Ice Skating: This is a winter must for our list of activities. This is the most classic winter activity but really is so fun for the group especially for lots of laughs when there are so many skating levels. Plus lots of hot chocolate and then going out for dinner or drinks after will give y’all plenty of quality girl time!
  • Explore a nearby town: If you and your besties are living in the city- consider branching out and exploring a cute town nearby. Maybe it’s having grown up in small towns or all the hallmark movies we have watched but either way we are big fans of taking a day away from city living to switch up the pace and explore a small town nearby. Exploring a new and far more quiet setting than the current city you are in will give y’all lots of quality bonding time and having new boutiques and restaurants to explore (and stay warm in) will give y’all plenty of entertainment for a fun girls day out!
  • Bowling:  Whether or not you are someone who has bowling skills- this is such a fun group activity. Finding a great place to go bowling that has also happens to have a sports bar and restaurant is key. That way you can dine and enjoy entertainment all in one place to stay warm enough this winter!
  • Try a dance/heels class together: We love dancing at bars and clubs with friends so why wouldn’t we enjoy a fun dance class together at a dance studio?! We may be slightly biased as we love dance cardio classes and feel that they are one of the best types of workout classes to attend with your besties, but we still feel that this is a great way to get out this winter and doing something fun in a different type of setting than a bar or club. Often times dance studios will host a workshop and some even a heels night where you can dance and feel like a performer dancing in high heels with music blasting.  Search around for studios and see if they have any night classes coming up or if you can set up a private session for your next GNO.
  • Spa Day: I mean this is one that we can appreciate no matter what time of the year it is but when it’s cold AF and we are dying for a self-care day with our besties, then a spa day seems pretty perfect. Look out for spa day deals online but if you can’t find one that is in the budget – host a girls spa day at your place! Face masks, nail polish, light the candles, pour the fun drink recipes, make some fun easy foods, and have your favorite entertainment ready to go. This can also turn into a fun self-care night in/ sleepover!
  • Museum and Brunch: Brunch is always a good go to but switch it up this winter and visit a museum or two near you! You will stay warm but do something different and learn something new  but most importantly do so with your besties!
  • Comedy show & Drinks: We loveeeee comedy shows. Of course they are easier to attend in some cities (aka New York city). These don’t even need to be famous stand up comedians- some of the best nights we have had are going to open mic nights or smaller shows hosted by a comedy/ theatre group in that particular city we were in. Most of the places we have been to offer drinks inside but it is always nice to make a reservation before or afterwards to get some more time actually catching up with your besties!

What are some of the fun things you plan to do with your girlfriends this winter?!

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