The Five Best Online Dance Cardio Classes

July 22, 2021
Neon Lettering saying When in doubt dance it out

While I have shared quite a lot on social media about my passion for movement (Maddie here)- an area of fitness that I have been less than vocal about is my passion for dance! I probably have shied- away from the topic due to my very informal background, which consists of a few hip hop /jazz dancing classes, the occasional Zumba classes, and a belly dancing club that I joined for a few months in college! Despite lacking a formal background- I have not let that stop me from enjoying this form of movement and find it to be so amazing for many reasons but one of which is because it doesn’t require a formal background to partake in—unlike other forms of movement and sports! Most often- I find myself freestyle dancing to a favorite playlist but at times I will find myself craving a good dance class to follow along as a form of movement for the day! We all know that movement is good for both our physical and mental health so what better than to combine fun with fitness?! Which is why I have set out to find great virtual classes to follow along for some daily fitness that incorporate both great playlists and fun dance moves and lots of energy to provide the best form of movement and self- care! As we like to say – when in doubt self -care it out so in this particular case we are saying when in doubt dance it out with these favorite fun and free dance classes!

Favorite Dance Cardio Classes

  1. Boy Toy Dance Fitness Class By The Studio This is one with a great playlist, great moves and all the energy you need to dance your way into a better day!
  2. Shine Dance Fitness Live ClassEnjoy this longer class as it balances between high intensity to moderately paced dance choreography!
  3. Non Stop Cardio HIIT Dance By The StudioAs the title suggests- this is an intense cardio class which is perfect for those who are wanting that endorphin rush in a quick sweat sesh! Even if you don’t want to go at a high intensity- as I mentioned, freestyle, is always a great option when you have a fab playlist like this one!
  4. 55 Minute Dance workout for all By Shine Dance FitnessAnother class by Shine Dance Fitness that provides fun movement for a longer duration! These two classes by Shine Dance Fitness will have you feeling like you are attending a zumba fitness class without even having to leave your home!
  5. 40 Minute Summertime Party Jams by The StudioThis one has to make the list, not just for its high energy and dance moves that fit for all levels but being that it is mid July, aka peak summertime,  this is a great go to class for you to put on!