What To Watch On Netflix This July

July 14, 2021

Back for another monthly entertainment review and this time we are discussing what to watch on Netflix this summer! Between catching up on late spring debuts that we missed during our moves and those that we couldn’t wait another second longer for, Netflix has certainly captured our attention and spare time a lot this past month! It seems only fitting to make this month’s guide our top five favorite picks from the past several weeks on Netflix!  So from steamy hot romance to the downright terrifying psychological thrillers, we have a wide array of entertainment choices for you to consider watching the next time you sit down for a couch binge sesh!

Top Five Picks To Watch On Netflix This July:

1.) Virgin River –   Who else has become a Virgin River fan?! When I say become—there was a time where I wasn’t totally a fan due to its relatively G rating and slow paced story, particularly in regards to the relationships between the main character, Mel, and her romantic interest, Jack. But with each season, I have become more invested and now with the third season (yes I binge watched it already, in one weekend) being my favorite- I can say this show has won me over.  So much so that I have begun to question my recent move, wondering if I should have copied Mel and moved to a small rural town in the middle of nowhere to embrace the small town charm and tight knit community that we see develop on screen in the latest season.  While I haven’t committed to that lifestyle yet, I have enjoyed escaping reality and stepping into the shoes of Mel, who has now grown to be a part of the community and is now welcoming newcomers, hint hint the introduction of a new main character. This third season is a must watch as it sticks to its roots with plenty of heartfelt moments that are mixed in with faster paced drama providing you with a great source of entertainment for your next binge watch sesh!

2.) Sex Life – Looking for a scandalous show to binge watch?! We’ve got the show for you! This is likely a series that you have heard about in some capacity or at the very least have seen the title come across your screen while scrolling thru Netflix due to its consistent spot in the top ten trending chart. There is a reason why this show is getting lots of attention- there is so much drama, scandal, and steaminess that you have likely not yet come across in a Netflix show since watching Bridgerton. Whether the reviews agree or not, this is one to watch and one that you will definitely be entertained and sucked in by and I think there is no shame in that — it’s eye candy, it’s that escape from everyday life and gives us the ability to live through this main character’s love triangle between two of Hollywoods not super famous but super attractive heartthrobs. If you are expecting a very intellectually stimulating series then yes you will agree with the reviews but if you take it for what it is — a scandal and drama series about a women who is torn between having it all and still longing and wishing for the freedom that came with being single and in her twenties, or more especially, longing for her sex life she had while in her tumultuous relationship with her ex, then you will be perfectly happy with this choice!

3.) The Women In The Window – Calling all mystery lovers and psychological thriller enthusiasts! Also for those of you who have already seen the series that we highly suggested watching post Mare of Easttown and are desperately looking for a story that will make you question everyone and everything, then look further! Starring the talented Amy Adams, this film is about a woman with agoraphobia who witnesses her neighbor across the street being murdered by whom she believes is the husband and later accuses him of murder. This is one that will have you constantly going back and forth between each of the characters, questioning whose word to believe. This will remind you of a Netflix version to the big screen films: Gone Girl and Girl on the Train.

4.) Sophie: A Murder In West Cork – After you finish The Women in The Window or Mare of Easttown, put on this documentary for a real scary murder mystery. I watched the Women In The Window alone because I am that weird, which led me to think nothing of putting this docuseries on alone, but this one actually really scared me, perhaps due to the fact that this is a documentary based on a real murder mystery and/or perhaps due to the well done production and its telling of this tragic story of a French socialite being murdered while on a getaway vacation, alone, in the remote countryside of Cork County, Ireland. Not only is this a docuseries to watch but it is a great choice for those looking for a series that wont necessarily take up your entire day but a good chunk of your night with this three episode docuseries!

5.) Good On Paper – This movie was chosen without much thought, expecting just another Netflix rom- com, which in our books usually consists of the perfect amount of entertainment and lightheartedness that our single selves can appreciate and use on self care night in. Well, our expectations were proven to be very misguided in this case, but we don’t want to go into much detail and ruin any of this not so traditional rom com for you! What we will say is this is definitely one to watch for some entertainment and drama and again for those who are tired of the traditional predictable rom coms — it’s based off of true events of the starring comedian’s personal dating life, which makes us that much more intrigued! It’s also about her time as a single comedian who happens to run into a guy who much like the title suggests, is perfect on paper. We will leave you there and not go into further detail so that you can pick up and watch this Netflix original and have an entertaining movie sesh that is definitely a Netflix original to stream!