Fall Decor Ideas: Minimalist Fall Decor Essentials

September 14, 2021
Image of an Orange Candle with decorative pumpkin surrounding it

After giving you the details on where to shop for affordable decor for all the fall vibes – we figure the next helpful tips is to give you the must have items in your home for it to truly embody those cozy comfy vibes. These are all items of which we have found in the list of affordable stores to shop for fall decor and items that can be easily blended or added to any styled home. Better yet- whether you are decorating a house or a small studio apartment- you can make room for these giving no one reason to disregard these items during their next shopping trip.  These are the items and decorative pieces that stand out the most- giving those who are minimalist, like ourselves,  the minimum to achieve those fall vibes without overwhelming your humble abode and cluttering your space.

Fall Decor Essentials:

  1. Candles – Make sure to stock up on your favorite fall scents. We are huge proponents of aromatherapy and the ways in which it can help boost our moods/ influence our moods, so we love candles that are reminiscent of those fall smells we look forward to experience. So whether you are looking forward to all those pumpkin spiced lattes you’ll be ordering in the near future at Starbucks or the apple and pecan pies you’ll be enjoying at thanksgiving- you no longer have to wait to smell the roses so to speak- you can easily access those beloved smells now by purchasing a few favorite candles to rotate through this fall! For our favorite brands check out our guide to self- care candles!
  2. Pumpkins – Whether it’s a real pumpkin that you carve or decorate or a faux pumpkin- you can never not have one in your living space during fall to achieve the true fall vibe you are going for.
  3. Centerpiece Bowls – adding in a centerpiece bowl and or a large bowl filled with candy is great way add to all the fall vibes.
  4. Coffee Mugs – What better way to instill those fall vibes than by waking your self up with a warm hot cup of coffee?! Sipping it from a fall/ halloween/ thanksgiving themed mug! Yes- it makes a world of difference plus for all of you who want those instagramable moments- here is your way to it this fall!
  5. Hand Towels – To us, these are the underrated decorative items for any season.
  6. Floral Arrangements – The best part to any seasonal change are the changes in floral arrangements that reflect the colors of that season! As much orange as you can find – the better. For a step by step guide on how to create your own floral arrangement see our DIY guide and find our favorite way to make a holiday floral arrangement here.
  7. Pillows – Make sure you decorate your living space with at least one fall decorative pillow! if you are someone who spends lots of time in the fall watching football games, hosting game days, or binge watching halloween movies- the couch will need some love in order for you to get those fall vibes you so love!
  8. Throw Blanket – Nothing says cozy fall vibes quite like a soft chunky throw blanket! Whether it be a blanket with fall themes or one with fall colors- the key is in the comfort because nothing will get as much use as this piece of decor!