Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

September 9, 2021
Close Up of the Supergoop powder and the mineral eye spf

For those of you who have oily skin you know two things to be true- one is that  setting powder is a must to your makeup routine and the second being that any  products applied to your face better be sensitive friendly.  Which gives us much appreciation for this new product to use and to use for our oily skin care hack. Back in college the two of us were obsessed with setting powders and finding the best ones to suit our sensitive oily skin. During those years, I (Maddie) started to realize how effective the setting powders were when used alone on makeup-less days at combatting that shiny oily skin that I naturally have without any coverage.

Image of Maddie holding the Supergoop Powder

With this small, all in one, applicator- this product makes this skin care hack feasible from anywhere! 

Consider This Makeup Tip For Oily Skin: 

Now, I have taken to a new product, Supergoop re-setting mineral powder, to use that not only does its job in setting my makeup-less skin and keeping it shine free (aka not looking like a face that just worked out)  for the day but also has the amazing benefits of having spf coverage! For those of you who haven’t yet read our makeup with SPF post, Supergoop provides amazing products with SPF for everyday wear and better yet we have found their products to work well for our skin!  With this all in one applicator, it takes minimal time and effort to apply this powder and voila we have extra protection to shield our faces! To find out more on this product check out Supergoops website here!


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