Cute Fall Outfits For Date Night

September 15, 2021
Image of Maddie and Sara in date night outfits with just some simple date night outfits written across

Who doesn’t love sweater weather- it brings cute fashion, comfort and those cozy vibes we all love. This rings even more true for date nights- we all know that fall nights brings a sudden crisp in the air, no matter whether you are living in a more northern or southern region, leading us to embrace those cooler nights with a layer to compliment whatever outfit we are wearing. If you are like us- you love those comfy but still cute enough to grab drinks on a first date type of outfit- which leads us to sharing some early fall casual date night outfits to share with y’all! Best of all- these are outfits that are likely to include garments you already have within your closet- so no need to overwhelm yourself with date night outfit inspo that requires a trip to the store– these are easy to recreate and utilize basics- aka jeans- to give you that stylishly casual date night look!

Not sure what to wear for your upcoming date?! We are sharing three outfit ideas that any wardrobe can re-create for a cute Fall Date Outfit! 

Cute And Simple Fall Date Outfits: 

Light Jeans & Dark Top:

Close Up Of Maddie Wearing Black Shirt and Jeans with a Necklace

Image of Maddie Wearing Blue Jeans and Black Shirt and Sandals


Who says that light jeans are only for summer time?! Quite honestly- we feel like light jeans are spring, summer and early fall appropriate, especially if styled well with a cute top and a darker top if heading into the much more fall look.


For those of you like myself, I love the lettuce ribbed detail for any shirt but especially long sleeve tops that are solid color- this adds some detail but keeps it casual and easy to match and style. This leaves you with room to style your outfit to your liking with heels, your purse, and most importantly jewelry. We recommend a long necklace to add more detail!


Straight Leg Jeans & Camisole

Image of Maddie Standing in a mirror taking a picture of the date night outfit on


This is a favorite for casual date night look, especially if you are going for that cute but just coming from happy hour look! The dark jeans definitely give off that fall vibe and being that they are straight leg styled jeans they give you lots of leeway for the style of top you choose! While any top will certainly do- we love the camisoles that are lacy or silk giving the outfit a hint of sexy all the while still maintaining that cute look!


For those who get chilly- make sure to pack a sold cardigan to layer for when the temp dips 🙂



Dark Crop Top With Loose Fitted Jeans

Image of Sara Sitting next to flowers in sunglasses and a crop top Quite honestly the two of us have never found ourselvesImage of Sara Standing Outside in jeans and a off the shoulder crop top packing for a trip or a weekend away without packing a crop top or a tube top. As specific as that may seem, hear us out! Crop tops and more specifically, tube tops are the most basic top that will compliment any bottoms and still look fun, cute and playful no matter how much or little styling you do with accessories, hair and makeup and jewelry! So for those who like to last minute pull something together, having a cute dark crop top or tube top is a necessity and the most convenient top to transition from one outfit look to the next without looking like an outfit repeater. While the two of us are less so worried about getting chilly at night being that we are Texas residents- having a basic styled sweater to throw on over is the perfect addition and solution to this simple date night outfit idea!