Entertainment: What I’ve Watched This Summer

August 9, 2022

This summer has been great for watching new TV shows and seasons of old ones. Here are some of the best things I’ve watched this summer. 


I’ve watched many movies, rom-coms, and TV series this summer between long flights and self-care girls’ nights. While there usually aren’t a lot of new TV shows and movies to stream during the summer months, this year seems to be an exception because I have found sooo much binge-worthy content over the last few months. So here were some of my faves! 


Virgin River Season Four

Okay, so Virgin River season four was definitely the most lifetime-esque out of all the seasons so far, but it was action-packed, which personally makes it worth the binge watch! This is a wholesome show that had just enough adult drama like affairs and pregnancies and the reality of growing up that I can appreciate when most shows seem to be targeting high school and college age or parents’ ages! 

Mel is a strong female lead who has a career and has had to deal with her fair share of tragedy but has branched out and moved to a whole new location where she knew no one and has made the most out of her short time in this small town where everyone knows everyone. 

Where To Watch: Netflix

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Based on the New York Times Best Selling book series, The Summer I Turned Pretty is a tender coming-of-age Amazon Prime Video series about a teenage girl who reunites with her childhood friends on a family vacation and ends up in the middle of a love triangle. This is definitely a cute binge worthy series, especially for mom and daughter nights, that will make you reminisce on your younger years. 

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime

In The Dark Season Four

Another new season of a drama show that I appreciate. This season was not a favorite, but the chaos that the main character ensues is too much for me to give up on. If you love drama, then here is your new lead to watch: Murphy. 

Where To Watch: The CW (season four will hopefully be on netflix soon!)


Where are the Maya Rudolph fans?! Okay, honestly, who isn’t a fan of hers….. Regardless, this is a show that just about all tastes can appreciate. I love that it isn’t too intense or too sad, despite the premise being about a woman getting cheated on and restarting her life (with a billion dollars). 

This show is the perfect blend of comedy and drama and is so easy to watch. There are quirky characters you will love to watch and grow attached to.

Further, seeing people from very different worlds welcome one another and watching a woman find her next new phase of life and fully embrace it is what we all can use. I think we can use more series about women in their middle ages restarting (maybe not from scratch in this case). Still, it makes you feel good, and that’s what we can all use at the end of a long day, right?!

Where To Watch: Apple TV


An intense series for all mystery lovers to watch ASAP. I just started this show and wondering why I didn’t hear more about it before its debut because it is certainly worth the hype! This is a rather dark series about a women who is trying to reclaim her memories prior to jumping off a bridge. As she begins therapy and tries to recall her past she is questioned as to whether or not she herself intended to jump or was someone after her?! Imagine the frustration and selfishly the addicting scenario of this plot! Starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw (from the Morning show) this is a series to add to your list of binge worthy entertainment for summer 2022.

Where To Watch: Apple TV