Amazon’s Tall Girl Friendly (Six Feet and Over) Athleisure Wear Brands

August 10, 2022

Finding clothing for tall girls can be difficult when shopping online. Luckily, I’ve found a few tall girl-friendly brands on Amazon with affordable clothes.

Being a tall girl has many perks, but shopping for clothes DEFINITELY isn’t one of them. Everything is either too short, fits awkwardly, or just isn’t cute, making it almost impossible to find trendy clothes. It is hard to believe that in 2022, inclusivity in the fashion world still doesn’t include both SIZE AND LENGTH! 

While it can be extremely difficult to find clothes as a tall girl in IRL stores, shopping online is a whole different TGP. Whether it’s shopping for tall-girl dresses or shoes, not being able to try things on before purchasing can present a lot of obstacles for a tall girl like myself. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times that quick shipping price just hasn’t paid off when it came time to try on the pants or dress, only to find them not as tall as they claimed to be. 

Surprisingly, Amazon has proven to be a tall girl-friendly site when it comes to clothes like tall-girl cardigans or athleisure wear.  Here are some of my favorite tall girl brands on Amazon! 



As mentioned in my tall girl amazon sweatpants, Safort makes comfortable, LONG AF lounge sweats. While these may not get the most use outside of your home and to and fro the gym during cooler months, these are definitely a pair of joggers and a brand to keep in mind when shopping on amazon for tall girl brands! 


A true size inclusive brand that serves you Lululemon dupe flare yoga pants! You’ll definitely want to try out this specific pair of lulu dupes if you are a tall girl. This brand sells sizes S-XXXL in lengths from 29”- 35”.


This is a brand that has been on my radar everytime that I search tall girl pants on Amazon. This brand is perfect for tall girls looking for not too short tennis and golf skirts as well as long enough cropped loungewear! 


If you need 37 inch inseams, then look no further! This Amazon brand is a true tall girl friendly brand! Check out these flare yoga pants sold in XS-XXL in up to 37 inch inseams! 


Another amazon athleisure wear brand for tall ladies! SEVEGO offers lots of practical and loungewear comfort for tall women, especially for those who need that 37 inch inseam for flare and fill length pants. 

Beyond Yoga Skirt

I love Beyond Yoga for their comfy workout tops and pants (even though they don’t sell talls) so I knew that if I were to purchase a cute golf skort, it needed to be the same comfy material as this brands. Luckily, Amazon sell Beyond Yoga skirts (skorts) in a variety of colors and in curve sizes too! Now I am not saying that this is not a short short skirt but it is however a cute skort that fits my 6’2.5 frame just long enough that it covers what needs to be covered! 


If it is cropped workout tops that you are after, check out THE GYM PEOPLE tops! These are well fitted and true to size and hit just at the waist for us tall girls. This won’t feel like how most cropped tops fit us (like a sports bra) but rather this will feel like a true sized tall girl crop top!  


When it comes to workout bottoms, AUROLA makes some of the best in the game. Their workout shorts are both insanely flattering for the booty AND don’t ride up like so many others, earning them my tall girl seal of approval!


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