Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas

September 29, 2021
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While the two of us are proponents of grabbing drinks for a first date idea– we are well aware that dating around and going on date after date can quickly add up! To be fully transparent- we love being treated and do find fancy date ideas appealing on occasion but when it comes to dates that stand out the most, ones that were most special and memorable, they were the result of spending quality time on a date that was well thought out and effort was put into.  As cliché as this may sound- with date ideas it will always be the thought that counts. So for those who are worried about breaking the bank with that special someone you’ve been seeing or you are a couple who are on a tight budget and still want to enjoy special dates to celebrate your relationship- consider one of these relatively affordable date ideas to suggest for your next date!

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Consider One of the Following Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas That We Love! 

Five Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas:

  1. Find free events or venues near you or your date’s neighborhood. When I (maddie here) was living in Boston there was a place called Lawn On D that was a very popular place for just about anyone any age to visit and I had heard of multiple friends who had been on dates here and loved it. While I know that not every city has something exactly like this- chances are that in the near future there will be free events hosted in your city/ town that you can mark on your calendar to go to with your date!
  2.  Picnic. Again as cliché as we may sound for suggesting this- we honestly don’t think a picnic can never be seen as unromantic or a cute date idea. Between enjoying the setting of where you have said picnic to the planned out meal you’ll have prepped to go for a picnic- there is no way your date won’t be feeling special! And even better, a picnic date gives you more quality time without those extra distracting factors you may find at a restaurant or bar!
  3. Exploring a new area or town nearby– aka walking around but with a purpose. This may require some additional expense if you choose somewhere further away but if you plan ahead and have the means for transportation- exploring a new area for either you or your date is an excellent way to bond, spend time and get out and walk around but in a more meaningful way! Another cute idea to work this date idea in is to offer giving your date a tour of your favorite nearby place and showing them around!
  4. Visiting a body of water that is closest to you both (Beach, Lake, or Pond). This works best for those who live in more warmer climates but if you do have a lake or beach within a reasonable driving distance- think about taking a drive to a beach, lake or pond and hanging out! Nothing like some pretty scenery and being in nature while spending quality time to celebrate a special someone or your relationship! Even in cooler temps- visiting any area near water is beautiful and makes for the perfect romantic cute date idea.
  5. Movie or Game Night In With A Meal– and no we do NOT mean Netflix and chill in the slightest. To avoid giving that Netflix and chill lack of planning type of date and make it more cute and quality- pick a movie or a game the two of you have yet to see and prep a dinner meal or a dessert for the two of you to make together. This is bonding time and depending upon your cooking expertise – can be a fun or funny activity. For ideas on what to cook and or bake – check out our fun and easy recipes!

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