Tips To Help Make Your Water Habits More Fun

September 30, 2021
Image of Water

It’s no secret that drinking water and staying hydrated is good for you. Drinking about 2-3 cups of water per hour is what we have been told and what usually most healthy adults are told to consume, although there are certain factors that may mean you need a different average (check with your doctor if you have any conditions that could cause that amount to be different for you). According to Harvard Health, drinking enough water can benefit you in the following ways: it helps your body carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushes bacteria from your bladder, aids digestion, prevents constipation, normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes the heartbeat, cushions joints, protects organs and tissues which regulates body temperature, and helps maintain electrolyte (sodium) balance. Plus, it’s not only good for your insides! Drinking the proper amount of water is also great for your skin, as it helps to improve the appearance of dull skin and keep pesky blemishes at bay, which for one of us (Maddie) has been critical for helping oily sensitive skin stay happy (as much as sensitive skin can be)!

While we know how good water is for us we also know that it can be boring to consume this flavorless drink throughout the day.  Yes, there are plenty of canned and bottled water options available, but as young adults, we want to save our money for different, more fun kinds of drinks! We also want to help our environment by not buying tons of plastic water bottles! With that in mind, we wanted to share our fun ideas for ways to improve the taste of your water, and add some taste to our bodies favorite hydrating liquid! All of these options are cheap and easy to find at the store. You can either make up a whole pitcher (as pictured above) and pour throughout the day or simply just add the ingredient to your water bottle and refill throughout the day.

Water Infusions Ideas We Like To Make Our Water Habits More Fun:

• Cucumber and Lemon (this combination is very refreshing!)
• Orange
• Strawberry and Lemon
• Mint Leaves and Lemon (we recommend buying a bunch of mint leaves, tearing them up and putting them in your freezer as they go bad fast)
• Mint Leaf and Strawberry
• Lemon and Lime
• Lime and Pineapple
• Strawberry and Lime
• Lime and Orange


There are so many ways to help make drinking water more enjoyable, tasteful and fun and we will be sure to update y’all – so keep tuned! In the mean time we would love to hear from y’all on what fun infusions you like to use?!