A Tall Girl’s Guide To Clothing: Review of Abercrombie Jeans

September 28, 2021
Image of Maddie In Abercrombie Jeans with A pink Background that says just a tall girl's guide to clothing

Back for another review of tall girl jeans that I am more than thrilled to share with all those tall girls out there needing some extra length and another brand to consider shopping from. If you asked me a year or two ago if I thought I would ever find my young adult, 6’2, self purchasing denim from that super popular 2000’s brand Abercrombie- I would have laughed. This brand was not a store I shopped at during my early adolescent days never mind being a full grown adult- but as with many brands over the years- this brand has made a major push and rebranding to incorporate more sizes and make an attempt at being more inclusive. While most brands still have far to go to be size inclusive when it comes to serving all body shapes, sizes and heights- I can get behind Abercrombie’s major rebranding and providing stylish clothes for more body types to shop from!So if you are like me and had your insta feed filled with influencers showcasing their newest wardrobe updates from Abercrombie and  found yourself lulled  in and wanting to give this brand another try – then read below for my tall girl review of their vintage denim!

A Tall Girl’s Guide To Clothing: Review of Abercrombie Jeans

Image of Maddie taking a mirror picture in the denim and a purple fuzzy sweater

The Style of Tall Abercrombie Denim: Ultra High Rise Vintage Jeans

Review:These are so cute that my only concern has been over how long I can keep wearing these jeans being that they are light denim, which as we know is typically a spring and summer denim. But in all honestly I will still be wearing these well into the fall and with the right top- I think that these denim can be worn at any point. It is hard to find true vintage thick denim that doesn’t make me feel like either I am constricted due to the thickness or on the opposite end of the spectrum that I will have to worry about it bagging out due to its lack of thickness but somehow Abercrombie got it right with this one! These hold up excellently and shape the backside in the most complimentary way!


Length:  To be fully transparent, I bought these

Image of Maddie wearing Abercrombie Vintage Denim and A Black long sleeve tops and heels

While a few inches could be handy- these can still be styled and worn on my 6’2 self!  

knowing that the inseam was not the full length inseam that I would typically need to reach the bottom of my feet but I found myself wanting to try this brand out enough that I purchased the longest inseam they have, which is 34.5!  Fully expecting to have to style these as cropped flares – I was to be proven wrong with these jeans just grazing the bottom of my ankles. Quite honestly, I was a tiny bit nervous that to others it may be bordering on shants (short pants)  so I checked with my mom who i knew would give me her honest opinion as she’s the one who has known my disdain for the shants look all throughout my tall girl life, and I was happy to receive her approval with these passing the non shants test and getting the cute jeans compliment from her  (cue Kendall and Kris Jenner’s cute jeans moment, if you know, you know). Only upon me addressing the concern over length did she notice the few inches missing to reach the bottom of feet but nevertheless these got the approval.


Sizing: Image of Maddie Wearing Abercrombie Jeans and A Crop Top In my opinion, I would say these run true to size! At first, the upper thigh felt a tiny but tighter but as time went on I quickly forgot about this and it wasn’t due to stretching out and bagging out that we fear for but most likely it just me adjusting to that true vintage denim feel that I have not been accustomed to as of yet. I will say, however, if you are in between sizes- I would go with the larger size of the two as I imagine these fit very true to size and do not give you lots of room and stretch to work with.


Needless to say these are a tall girl approved pair of denim that have quickly proved their spot at the front of the closet, with many wears since purchasing!


Other Tall Abercrombie Denim Styles In 34 and 34.5 Inch Inseam:

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