Where, Why And How Often I Use A Demi Permanent Hair Color

March 5, 2022
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My twenties have been filled with so much hair experimentation.  From ombre to a bronde (brunette/blonde) balayage look, to then going entirely bleach blonde, then back again to bronde and then finally in the past year and a half getting back to a much more natural color and look – very very dark brown!  With all these changes, color treatments and experimenting – I was left with pretty damaged hair. While I am happy that I got to experiment and check off that random goal of being blonde at least once in my life off of my list, I can say that the journey back to my more natural hair color and a much more healthier state of hair has been a very long long journey that has left me with one realization- that the demi-permanent glaze is the way to go for that enhanced glossy but still natural and healthy looking hair color.  I could go into so much detail about the lessons I learned from all the different hair treatments I have done to my hair but I will save that post for another day to share with y’all my fairly low maintenance hair salon routine that I have been using for the past year and a half to achieve a slightly enhanced darker color that is healthy and shiny looking!

Where, Why and How Often I Use A Demi-Permanent Hair Color: 

Where I Get My Demi-Permanent Hair Color Done: While I live in Dallas, I split a lot of my time between Dallas and Tampa (visiting family) which means that I split my time between visiting different salons. Like lots of women, I am always hesitant about trusting someone new to color my hair. Since I split my time though, I knew that I would have to find a few different salons which is why I stick to the AVEDA hair salons because you can pretty much guarantee that there will be one in close proximity to any city you are in and of course they use the same products. Once I found the color that I loved I saved it to my phone and was able to share it with the next salon to get the same exact hair care treatment. Of course, there are other qualifying reasons for why I choose to stick to the aveda salons and one of those important factors is that their products are most of their products are made with naturally  derived ingredients which as someone who has joined the clean beauty movement, is very important to me!

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After applying the glaze directly to my hair, I sit with it on for about thirty minutes before it is washed out!

Why I Use A Demi-Permanent Hair Color:  For the past year, I have been getting demi- permanent hair glaze. More specifically, it is a double all over glaze treatment where I sit with the glaze in for about thirty minutes or so before washing and blow drying it out. I have played around with the coloring but ultimately have opted for a dark dark brown with warmer golden undertones to enhance my already very dark hair with more shine. My hairdressers have told me that the warmer undertones work well for my coloring but also work well at keeping the hair shinier for much longer than if I were to choose cold undertones. The reason for choosing a demi-permanent hair glaze is that is not only adds darker coloring in a much healthier way than when I would do highlights and bleach my hair but it allows for the most low maintenance of coloring treatments as this glaze slowly fades out. I was told that these hair glazes can last about 30 washes before it would be considered faded and as someone who tries to only wash their hair twice a week this has resulted in the glaze lasting upwards of two months before my hair looks less shiny and dark. In addition to lasting long, the demi-permanent treatment allows for a gradual fade all over rather than the semi-permanent glaze which will leave you with a line from the hair growth.

How Often I Get A Demi- Permanent Hair Color Treatment Done:  Ultimately, I try to go to the salon every six weeks during the warmer months where I am out in the sun more often and could be prone to the color fading and lightening up in the sun but in the winter every two months to three months seems to be ideal. To keep my hair growing healthy and to enhance that glossy, shiny look- I tend to get my hair trimmed every other  demi- permanent hair coloring treatment session. 

What hair treatment do you find most helpful for your hair?!

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