ILIA And Three Other Clean Beauty Mascaras To Try

August 12, 2022

Finding clean beauty can be a challenge, not to mention expensive, which is why I am sharing the best finds for mascara!

As some of you know, I am on the clean beauty bandwagon, having switched over entirely to clean beauty products. While the switch is totally worth it, it can be time-consuming and expensive to shop around and test out new clean beauty products. 

When it comes to makeup, one product that I am very particular about is mascara. The biggest challenge in switching to clean beauty products was finding a replacement mascara that provided the same volume and length–which are big shoes to fill! 

The last thing I want is to use products on my lashes that contain parabens, synthetic colors and dyes. While challenging, I eventually found clean beauty brands that could match the volume and length of standard mascara products.  

Here are some of the best clean beauty mascara brands that offer easy application and comparable length and volume!

    1. ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara – This is my number one mascara! Not only does this clean beauty brand offer a mascara that lasts all night (trust me, I’ve fallen prey to the urge to sleep in makeup a few too many times), but it lengthens and is easy to apply! In addition, the applicator allows for a smooth, clean application for those who struggle with clumping.
    2. Kosas The Big Clean Mascara – I mean, how can I not appreciate a Kosas mascara?! This is one of my favorite clean beauty brands for concealer and eyebrows (full Kosas eyebrow review here), and they make a mean mascara. This Kosas mascara fluffs up your lashes and delivers a lot of volume while hydrating and growing your lashes with castor oil!
    3. Milk Kush MascaraThis is a vegan and cruelty-free clean beauty brand that you must try out. If you are far more skilled at applying mascara than I am, then you will LOVE this mascara because it really will make those eyes pop.
    4. ILIA Fullest Volumizing MascaraFinally, if it’s volume you are after, then try out this other gem from ILIA and enjoy those thick, envy-worthy lashes! Be sure to check out these ILIA and Kosas concealers to transform your makeup kit entirely to clean beauty products.