Ten Boho Clothing Brands To Shop On A Budget

August 10, 2021
Image of Maddie And Sara Walking

After having reviewed our fav boho minimalist jewelry brands, we realized that we had yet to give y’all the basics to guide any boho loving individual on the brands to shop from for clothes! More specifically, those brands that are perfect for all types of boho babes to find everyday clothes that will compliment their wardrobe at an affordable price! So whether you find yourself gravitating towards more subtle  modern boho styles (like Sara) or the more beach boho styles (like Maddie) and whatever styles in between – consider some of our favorite brands to find super cute stylish clothing options without breaking the bank!


Depending upon how much you like to stand out or not- this may be the brand for you!  This is also a brand to seriously consider if you are a tie-dye fan. While this brand features stand out items like tie-dye mesh midi dresses and cut out midi’s – they also offer everyday styles and items that any boho shopper can appreciate like those everyday floral blouses!  For those looking to experiment with a bit of bolder statement pieces, you can’t beat these affordable prices to branch out and try something different! You can view AFRM styles here.


While one may think of this as a more youthful brand, don’t overlook what this brand has to offer for the beachy boho loving individual. Even for those who don’t consider their style to be beachy boho- these pieces are more carefree but put together and will compliment just about any wardrobe adding quality at a more reasonable price than other higher end boho brands do! You can see their collection at Nordstrom here.

Boho Me

Calling avid Nordstrom Rack shoppers! This is a brand that we have only been able to find on Nordstrom Rack and wish that there was more to find because these boho inspired styles are amazing for those in need of cover- ups, loose flowy dresses, and tie-dye lovers! But the best part is the affordability- with a lot of this collection under thirty! Check out what they have to offer on Nordstrom Racks website here.


If you are a frequent Nordstrom Online shopper then chances are you have seen this brand! And for those who like to sort through the clothes by low to high price range- then you are probably well aware of this brand, as they always seem to have sale items and prices significantly lower than most other brands sold at Nordstrom’s!   Don’t let the affordability trick you into thinking that this isn’t one to choose from for everyday items like t-shirts, baby doll shirts, lettuce shirts and basic layering options as they have so many cute styles to choose from for the more modern twist on retro styles. Check this brand out here.


Lulu’s offers a culmination of girly styles sure to make any shopper happy for affordably priced clothing! With their wide range collection and various brands- there are lots of pieces that you will find that can compliment your boho style wardrobe! Check out Lulu’s here.


Depending upon where you live and how long that summery weather will last you- this is an affordable brand with lots of beachy surfer girl options to add to your beachy boho wardrobe!  There are a lot of everyday midi summer dresses that can be on Nordstroms website here.

Surf Gyspy 

As mentioned in our boho beach cover ups post this is a great brand for beachwear. But it also goes beyond that giving you summer wear and styles for all boho babes to look stylish as ever! View their collection here.


Again, like Billabong this may sound like its more youthful but we promise these styles transcend past any age giving all boho loving women stylish pieces to shop! Forget the name itself and look at what they have to offer and you will see the beachy, relaxed, and cute styles very appealing if you are a boho beach babe styled type of wardrobe! You can shop Roxy on Nordstroms website here.

Urban Outfitters

For those who love to get the modern day twist on lots of retro styles then Urban Outfitters is your best friend! This brand offers tops that most anyones wardrobe could use more of for everyday casual but cute cropped wear mixed with those more edgier/stand out styled bottoms- aka the carpenter jeans and all the extra wide loose fitted nineties jeans that are making a comeback! View their website here to see their stylish options.

Vintage Havana

Without sounding like a broken record- this is another brand for the more beachy boho individual to consider at reasonable prices. If you love tie- dye and love the laid back style of the boho beach styles made into everyday comfort wear then you must check out their sweatshirts. View their website here to check out their collection.

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