Simple Boho Bedroom Ideas

April 25, 2022
Image of a boho bedroom

There is truly no better feeling than retreating to your bedroom to unwind after a long day. After all, your bedroom is your sanctuary, your safe space away from all of the chaos that everyday life can bring. Because of this, your room’s decor should reflect a zen-like atmosphere, and nothing says “good vibes” like a beachy boho bedroom. Boho, short for Bohemian, is a style of fashion and decor that draws influence from the carefree attitude of hippies of the 1960s and 70s. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Zoe Kravitz, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been known to sport boho looks while at Coachella, on the red carpet, or just grabbing coffee at Starbucks.

The biggest indicator of boho style is a laidback, “anything goes” type of vibe, which I apply everywhere, whether it’s this boho minimalist jewelry I love or creating a relaxing vibe in my bedroom. When it comes to choosing a style for your bedroom, you really can’t go wrong with a boho look. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to mess up a boho bedroom theme, as there is no particular set of rules and style dos and don’ts. The more patterns and textures you incorporate into your space, the more authentically boho it’s going to feel! If you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom and love the boho look, here are some helpful tips for creating your dream space.

Simple Boho Bedroom Ideas: 

Keep Furniture Low to the Ground

Something that you’ll notice if you search “boho bedroom style” on Pinterest is that the furniture is often kept low to the ground. This is common in boho style spaces and makes the room feel more chill and cozy. Check out these tips for affordable ways to furnish your boho space.

Choose Neutral Colors

If you’re living with a roommate or significant other, it can be hard to agree on a decor style you’re both into.

What’s great about a boho bedroom style is that the colors are typically neutral enough to keep everyone happy- even your parents when they come to visit! Creams, grays, burnt oranges, and blush pinks are colors commonly present in boho decor, as well as materials like wood and rattan. If you are renting and have little control over the color of your furniture or walls- consider sticking to white linens and sheets and adding in your favorite colors by adding decorative pillows to the mix and greenery on your walls.

Stock Up on Allllll the Pillows and Rugs

Boho style is cozy and inviting, so don’t shy away from using fun pillows and rugs to spice up your space! Patterned area rugs are great for creating a boho feel and can be purchased at relatively inexpensive price points from Amazon and even Facebook Marketplace. Throw pillows are also essential when transforming your bedroom into a boho oasis, especially ones with tassels and other fun elements.

I would love to see pics of your boho bedrooms and the simple ways you decorate your space- share a photo and give your girl some inspo!

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