Tinx And Four Other Women I Follow On Instagram For Dating And Relationships

March 7, 2022
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If you have been following the blog for a while, you know that dating is a topic that is discussed frequently, especially dating in your twenties! Dating in your twenties presents lots of learning opportunities and while most of the lessons we learn  come from our own experiences- having strong support systems along the way help tremendously  in navigating the dating world!  Personally, I could not imagine having gone through my twenties without the incredibly strong support systems that I have in place from my older sister, therapists, and of course besties. While I know that I can turn to these women for help when needed,  I have found it helpful to find and follow accounts and influencers on IG that openly discuss dating and relationships to have that supportive community online too. I have talked about establishing boundaries with social media and part of that practice is following accounts that resonate with you and help make you feel supported and good about yourself, which is why I wanted to share some of the accounts that I have found helpful and supportive while going through the ups and downs of being in your twenties and dating! 

When you are listening to advice from these bloggers, be sure to use your own judgment on which advice to use and which to dissect further to decide if it is relevant to you!

Women To Consider Following On Instagram For Dating And Relationships: 

  1. @itsmetinx  – the best account that I have found in 2022 and wish I had found sooner! @itsmetinx is the account of Christina Najjar (Tinx) and she is your go to girl for advice on dating, especially if you are navigating dating in your twenties! She has created an online community of women who refer to her for advice on pretty much anything related to dating, relationships and friendships! While I could go on and on about what it is exactly that makes Tinx so amazing to follow – I will say that her advice and theories on dating, especially like her Box Theory has helped me tremendously when it comes to dating confidently and not overthinking the progression of things (especially when it comes to sex and dating)! While I am incredibly lucky to have an older sister, I would say that for anyone who could use some older sisterly, very honest, advice that Tinx is your girl to follow for dating and relationships! 
  2. @risingwomanRising woman is an online community created by Sheleana Aiyana and the instagram account provides many helpful quotes and tips that I have appreciated seeing each time I log onto IG. This accounts talks a lot about conscious relationship and what that means. If you are interested in the more holistic and spiritual approach to understanding relationships then this is the account for you to consider following next!
  3. @the.holistic.psychologist – This IG account is the account of Dr. Nicole LePera who is a psychologist who talks a lot about relationships on IG. You can find her full website here with lots more helpful resources and readings on this blog! There is no wonder she has over four million followers- she dives deep into relationships, mental health and how they impact each other! 
  4. @thesecurerelationship – This is the account of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Julie Menanno. She provides lots of graphics and visuals that provide helpful tips and guidance on effective communication in relationships! Whether you are single or in a relationship- this account can only be of benefit to learn more about attachment, healthy boundaries, communication and various therapeutic approaches that can all better help understand relationships!
  5. @lizlistens – This is the account of Elizabeth Earnshaw. This is another account that I have found just as helpful in understanding how to use effective communication in dating and relationships! While this account is helpful regardless of your relationship status, if you are coupled up – you def should consider checking out this account! What I really like about this account are the informative “how to” posts, where she shares examples and ways to approach a topic, to ask for what you need in a relationship, how to take breaks during conflict and lots of other important topics that come up in relationships!

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