Five Fun Easy Drink Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day

March 9, 2022
Image of st patricks day decor

It’s officially March, and that means it’s time to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! Being that I grew up outside of Boston and that my dads side of the family is entirely Irish and it was supposed to be my birthday (little fun fact) – I look forward to celebrating this holiday each year! In my earlier twenties, that has usually meant that my friends and I dressed up in green, started the day off with a brunch at someone’s house where we would put on even more green as we ate and began drinking with an Irish coffee. We would then proceed to the nearest darty and eventually make our way to the bar to finish off our day of celebrating. While I no longer celebrate as much as I did just before the pandemic- I do look forward to actually being able to celebrate this holiday with friends! I may no longer be living in Boston and experiencing the most elaborate St. Patrick’s day parades one can experience in the U.S. – I look forward to dressing up in green and making some fun easy drinks to celebrate the holiday!

Now, as some of you may be familiar with or maybe it’s just something that I picked up from all the years living in a very Irish city like Boston, lots of Irish pubs go big on whiskey drinks and serving those whiskey drink recipes for the holiday! According to Irish Central, “Whiskey, or “uisce beatha” in the Irish language, is an integral part of Ireland and Irish culture. It has shaped Ireland’s agriculture, literature, song and now, more than ever – our economy.”

Check out some of these fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day drink recipes that I found from bloggers (click the name to take you to the full recipe) along with some of the favorites that I have picked up along the way from friends and having lived in Boston.

Five Fun Easy Drink Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day:

Irish Coffee:Check out this super fun and easy four steps drink recipe from real simple

Luck of the Irish Grand Green Cocktail: From The Purple Pumpkin, this is also a whiskey drink, but by adding in some of the fruit juices it will make this creation feel perfect and fitting for an almost spring time drink!

Dublin Kiss Shot:For those of you who don’t mind taking a celebratory shot- check out this fun easy drink recipe from Fab Everyday that will taste much sweeter than our usual shots from the bar containing purely liquor! 

The Irish Maid: A Worthy Read blog shares this fun Irish themed whiskey drink. This is a pretty fun easy drink recipe- you will just need to find elderflower liqueur. Be careful with whiskey drinks, because…..well whiskey.

A Mint Julep is an old classic. It has only 4 ingredients and, you guessed it, whiskey is the base of this drink. Add powdered sugar, water, and muddled mint leaves (if you don’t have a muddler you can easily use a wooden spoon or rolling pin). 

Have a wonderful and safe St Patrick’s Day celebration and comment to let the rest of us know what drinks you decide to make!

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