Clean Hair Products: A Review of Briogeo Shampoo and Conditioner

February 23, 2022
Image of Maddie Holding Briogeo Shampoo

While on my clean beauty kick, I began to re- think all the products that I was putting on my body from head to toe which of course led me to reconsider the hair products that I was washing and styling my hair with.  Upon finding out that most of the products I had been using contained harmful ingredients, I began to look into clean hair care products only to find out that similar to makeup, there are few brands committed to producing clean products only. After doing some searching and reading the reviews of the handful of clean brands I could find, I stumbled across the latest hair care products that I have been appreciating a lot lately- Briogeo. So for all of y’all who are considering joining the clean beauty movement and want to switch over to clean hair care products, I am sharing my review of this brand as it is the most prevalent you will find on clean at Sephora offering a wide variety of products for different hair concerns making it an excellent brand to start off with as you join the clean beauty movement!

Briogeo Review:

Image of Brigeo Shampoo and ConditionerMy Review Of Briogeo Farewell Frizz Shampoo & ConditionerAs someone who lives in the south and as someone who without a silk/ stain pillowcase wakes up with unruly hair, a shampoo that target frizz seemed to make the most amount of sense. After using this product for the past few months, I have noticed much softer healthier looking hair after a blow drying session. I have combined the use of this product and washing my hair only a few times a week to combat that dry hair that can result from the dryness of the winter and so far it has been doing wonders for my hair. Not only is this product great because it is clean and helps fight frizz, but it is so gentle on my hair which I think has again helped keep my hair more hydrated and healthier looking as it doesn’t totally strip the natural oils from my head. The conditioner does a good job to help lock in moisture and make it easier to painlessly brush out my hair (which is pretty hard to do). Lastly, I love that this products has not lead to any breakouts so far (knock on wood) which is a concern and issue I usually run into when switching over to new hair care products. The only concern that I will forewarn for those who like myself have naturally very oily hair is that a lot of shampoo is required to totally clean my hair as I have found that on days where I was not as generous with the amount of shampoo I applied, I found my hair looking semi oily after blow drying it.

Reasons To Consider Briogeo Clean Hair Products: As mentioned, Briogeo is the most prevalent brand you will find after doing a quick search for hair care products under clean at Sephora which shows you that this brand is dedicated toward serving a variety of needs and concerns with solely clean hair products! Not only can you find shampoos and conditioners that target things like frizz but you can also find products targeting hydration, exfoliation, oil control etc., in the form of dry shampoo, exfoliator scrubs, leave in conditioners, leave in creams. Lastly, if you go to their website you can find a helpful quiz to find out the best Briogeo product for your hair!

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