Large Floppy Sun Hats For Women

March 5, 2022
Image of Maddie In floppy Hat

Spring is just fifteen days away and that not only means that we can expect more exposure to the sun and temps warming up but for some of us lucky ones – that entails spring break or spring travels to warmer regions where we will be basking in all the vitamin d. So for that very reason, i feel it is never too early to shop for the very necessary spring/summer essential: floppy hats! If you are like me- you may have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with hats because you want to keep your face and hair protected at all times but also happen to have a very large head and struggle to find a hat that fits comfortably around your head. Last year, I shared one particular brand that I love due to their sizing and ability to provide sun hats for large heads that you can read more on but for this spring I am sharing my updated version of hats that not only fit large heads but also are cute stylish floppy hats that give your face all the protection from the sun it needs! These are my two favorite brands sold on Amazon that provide large floppy sun hats for women as well as the particular styles of these brands that I love!

Two Brands On Amazon To Shop For Large Floppy Sun Hats For Women: 


Maddie taking a mirror photo in the surf gypsy cover upBrixton:Image of cover up and floppy sun hat on bed

As mentioned in my post from last summer, Brixton is s great hat company for those looking for a variety of styles in different sizes. I assumed I would need a large but this brand is generous with their sizing and a medium was enough room to fit my large head! My favorite women’s floppy hat from Brixton is the Joanna Straw Hat which they offer in different styles and colors giving you lots of options to work with for the spring and summer!  



Image of Maddie wearing san diego hat company visor

Image of Visor

San Diego Hat Company: 

No exaggerating, one of the best shopping finds of last year and one of the best amazon finds ever was the floppy visor hat from San Diego Hat company. Not only is this a great floppy hat to throw on daily with its style and color matching most outfits but the velcro that you use to secure the hat to your head allows so much room to expand to tailor the hat to size of your head. In addition to the fact that is works excellently for those with large heads, the fact that this floppy hat is in visor form makes this the most practical useful floppy sun hat you can add to you wardrobe because those of us with long hair know just how hard it is to brace the hottest temps with our long hair down and adding an additional layer of a hat. You can wear your hair up, down, messy bun, whatever hair style you have day of you can be sure that this floppy visor hat will work for ya 😉

Of course, if you have any favorite brands to shop for for large heads and floppy sun hats- I would love to know in the comments 🙂

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