Shows To Binge Watch Next On Netflix & HBO If You Loved Mare Of Easttown

June 29, 2021

If you just finished HBO’s hit series Mare of Easttown then you are probably dealing with major withdrawal right now- desperately seeking a binge worthy series that will satisfy your craving and give you your fix of intensity and thrill that great crime mystery series do and hopefully live up to your, now, very high expectations – thanks to Kate Winslet’s outstanding performance! Luckily for you, we have a list of five series that are similar to this new HBO series in that they will give you great performances, lots of character development, and without a doubt impressive scripts with endings that you will not see coming! Below are five shows to watch on HBO/ Netflix if you loved Mare of Easttownenjoy!

  1. The Killing – For those of you who appreciated the fact that Mare of Easttown delivered you a story that you could not have solved, no matter how much you believed you could have been an investigator in another life, then this is the series for you to watch next. This Netflix show has to be one of the most underrated series, in in our opinions at least, as we have yet to watch a show take two seasons to solve one murder mystery and still find ourselves just as sucked in as we were at the beginning, no matter how many twist and turns us viewers endured- it was just that good!   This series also features a female detective who does an amazing job at portraying her character and giving us a crime series to remember. Where To Watch: Netflix
  2. The Sinner – (the first season) The first season of this series is a must watch as it provides you, again, with an outstanding performance by a female lead, but only this time the character, played by Jessica Biel, is the suspect.  No matter your level of  interest going into the series, witnessing Jessica Biel’s seemingly normal character go from mom mode on a summer beach day, just cutting her sons apple, to seconds later murdering a young man on a beach for everyone to see and having no explanation for it should be enough to peak your interest and give you that binge worthy material that will get your investigative thinking cap on to solve this mystery.  And if  that weren’t enough to convince all of you crime thriller enthusiasts to watch it, this is story that we are willing to bet you is sure to impress even the most clever of viewers and crime enthusiasts because these writers were able to write such a well thought out storyline to keep us all guessing up until the very end!  Where To Watch: Netflix
  3. True Detective – (the first season)  You know you have a good script when you get Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson to both co-star in a series together. These two actors are impressive as they take on roles that are vastly different from any other roles you have seen them portray on screen before. While both were equally impressive- we were amazed, just like we were in Mare of Easttown, as we witnessed Matthew McConaughey display his talents and transform into character as the outsider/ loner detective working alongside his more seemingly normal partner, played by Woody Harrelson, to solve a brutal murder.  This first season is really a must watch for anyone just about anyone but especially for those who are crime thriller enthusiasts! Where To Watch: HBO Max
  4. Sharp Objects – This series details the story of Amy Adams character, a reporter, who is assigned (much against her will) to report on two murders that recently occurred in her hometown, a hometown she has been so desperately trying to avoid returning home to. Although this series is so different from Mare of Easttown, we appreciate the ability for both these series to portray these main characters as being both seen as sort of a hero in solving the mystery but all the while still flawed — giving room for a much more accurate illustration to the complexities of being a human.  For those who appreciate a crime series that goes more into character development all the while still working to solve the main mystery, then this is a great pick for you!  This book turned mini series provides you with an excellent ending, as in an ending you likely could never have seen coming and will seriously shock you! Where To Watch: HBO Max
  5. The Stranger – Although we mentioned this already on our review of the best mystery shows to watch from 2020, we couldn’t not include it on this list too because it is one of those series that really gets you thinking and questioning everyone around and it also happens to be another series that in our opinions is totally underrated and deserves more recognition for being the binge worthy Netflix series that it is. This is a show where, by the end of the first episode, you will be equally confused and motivated to solve this mystery- thus providing you your next entertaining binge sesh. How can a complete stranger know so much about your personal life that you yourself weren’t aware nor suspected about your loved ones?! Find out and watch the stranger next! Where To Watch: Netflix