TV Mini Series: The Best Mystery Shows Of Summer 2021

August 19, 2021

As we cling to what is left of summer, we can’t help but reflect on the fond memories of the past few months. While most of these memories took place outdoors, with lots of fun in the sun, we still had our fair share of good times inside, gathered around the tv with our family and friends to sit down and watch the latest binge worthy entertainment. It seems like this summer was the summer of mystery – having watched many mini mystery series that filled us with enough thrill, shock and excitement to keep us coming back and ultimately leading us to blog about the five shows in particular that stood out to us this summer!

Five Mini Mystery Series To Watch:

  1. Mare Of Easttown – Clearly, this was one of our favorite all times mini mystery series as we dedicated an entire post to it in our What to watch After Mare of Easttown guide. Without getting too repetitive in our description- this is a series that tells the story of a cop who is at the center of the investigation of a murder in her small hometown, a murder of which she has suspicions of its ties to prior murders. This isn’t just another murder investigation that blends in with the rest, this is one that stands out with Kate Winslet’s A plus performance! Where To Watch: HBO Max
  2. Dr. Death – Ironically this limited series features both my new home state and my Hollywood Crush, but both are portrayed in the worst of ways. Nevertheless, this is a must watch for those who love mystery and appreciate a series based on true events. Sadly, this is a very tragic story that made headlines for the unbelievability of it all- a doctor who instead of helping his patients is hurting them.  More specifically, under the care of this doctor, three deaths occurred and multiple patients left in worst condition than they were in when they arrived.   This will make you both question everything from humanity to the systems that allowed for these seriously disturbing tragic events to unfold without much consideration to evaluating both the character and qualification of someone with such a title.  Where To Watch: Peacock
  3. White Lotus – For those looking for entertainment that is well-balanced in its themes of drama, mystery and comedy- this is the series for you on the list! This has made headlines with its ensemble cast filled with names you are likely to recognize- Alexandra Daddario, Sydney Sweeney, and Connie Britton and many more, all who star as vacationers staying at a luxury hotel in Hawaii. While the people at the resort expect relaxation they find themselves unable to escape drama, both in their personal lives and that of which unexpectedly occurs at the highly touted resort.   Where To Watch: HBO Max
  4. Cruel Summer –  Though this series may appeal to a younger audience, with it being featured on Freeform, this is a notable binge watch series to put on for all of y’all who love mystery. More specifically, this is a mystery that makes you question both the character at the center of this story and who is telling the truth. What makes this series particularly entertaining and binge worthy is how the main character becomes the center of a fellow student’s kidnapping, when the victim is found and accuses the protagonist of having been a witness during her kidnapping. Watch this series to find out! Where to Watch:  Hulu
  5. Nine Perfect Strangers – For those of you who have been on the Nicole Kidman bandwagon due to her phenomenal acting jobs and ability to pick projects that then go on to become top series, then this is that next top series you want to watch!  While it just debuted this week, we were given a glimpse into what this series has to offer in the first three episodes release this Wednesday and we are excited to watch the rest of this book turned series mystery! This is a story of nine, strangers, who come to a wellness retreat, each hoping to fix their (very) problems only to find themselves in disbelief at what occurs at this famous wellness retreat.  Where To Watch: Hulu

A Mini Series We Can’t Wait For:

  1. Truth Be Told (Season 2) – Technically there will now be two seasons to this series but this next season is a new plot and introduces a few new characters.  This series stars Octavia Spencer, a host of a popular crime podcast that aims at seeking the truth, which in the past (the first season) has meant getting herself involved and leading her own investigation to find out what exactly has happened. While I have yet to find much out about this next season- if it is anything like the last I know I will be glued to the screen! And it happens to introduce a new main character played by Kate Hudson- so this is def one to watch! Where To Watch: Apple Tv

For more binge worthy suggestions, check out our entertainment section! 🙂