Holiday Self-Care Gifts For Women

November 19, 2021
Image of a self-care box with candles, bath essentials

It always feels great when you know you are about to give a very unique and thoughtful gift to a loved one, especially during the Holidays.  Seeing the reaction of your loved one as they open a special gift that surprises them but in the best way possible is one of the greatest parts to spreading love during the holidays. Sometimes, I get spurts of inspiration when I am out shopping or I find something online that I just know will be a great idea for my friend, mom, sister, or the bride-to-be or mom-to-be that I get as excited as I imagine the individual on the receiving end will be because I know it will be put to good use.

Those occasions, however, are rare. Usually, I put off buying a gift right at the last minute (sometimes even on my way to the event) or, knowing that a birthday or shower is coming up soon, I scroll through the internet or wander through the mall until I can’t stand it anymore. In these instances I usually end up just making an impulsive purchase, hoping it will be well received by it’s recipient, but fearing that the recipient will immediately know it was a lazy, last minute thought. And while I’m sure they’ll still be grateful, I’m left dwelling on whether or not it was a good gift.

This has brought me to think long and hard over the past year and half with the last years Holidays being particularly tough. I found myself thinking about a gift that would be put to good use and more importantly bring joy to my loved ones.  If there was one important lesson we learned from going through almost a year of socially distancing it’s that self-care needs just as much attention as other daily aspects, that self-care in necessary in our wellness routine. So with that in mind- I began to think about how get creative about ways to gift self-care ideas to the women on my list which made me think of self-care boxes. Having loved opening easter baskets as a kid to find lots of little goodies- I figured why not replicate this same excitement into gift giving for adults?!  Who wouldn’t love a box or basket filled with lots of little useful gifts?! So this had given me lots of ideas for this upcoming holiday and I wanted to share some ideas for you to consider for self-care gifts for the important women in your life!

While you start to think of what those gifts will be inside that self-care box- consider checking out these pretty boxes you can order and fill with whatever you like.

Self- Care Gift Ideas For The Hostess Of A Holiday Party:

Fill box with-
• a bath bomb, wonderful lotion, and a book
• a drink recipe book, stationary, a beautiful pen, and a pedicure gift card
• a gratitude journal, wine glass/champagne flute, and stationary
• hot chocolate, tea or coffee and mugs, and fun kitchen towels

Self-Care Gift Ideas For Family (Mom, Aunt, Sister, Cousin):

Fill box with-
• fuzzy slippers, a soft blanket, hot chocolate or tea, a great mug, wine/champagne, a pedicure/manicure kit, and a scalp massager                                                                                                                                                                                                          • a yoga mat, yoga pants, a gift certificate to their favorite (or a new) yoga studio, and a yoga book
• a bath bomb, a self-care candle, wine, a wine glass for bath, tea, a great book, a journal, body butter, a super soft robe, and a hair wrap
• 2-3 great fiction books, wine, a wine glass, reading glasses, a book light, a soft blanket, or a weighted blanket, fuzzy socks, a tea mug, a fun pillow, a silk pillowcase for restful sleep, and coffee, a decorative calendar like this calendar for dog lovers 

Self-Care Gift Ideas For Your Friends:

Fill box with-
• at home spa day kit with: Sephora or Bluemercury’s best sellers samples &  face masks. Consider checking out these very popular Skyn Iceland eye gel packs because these have been getting a lot of attention over our ig feeds with models recommending them! Add in a Gua Sha tool or any other face tools you come across, a muscle massager tool or a bathrobe                                                                                                                                                                                                          • a movie night box with popcorn, candy, fuzzy socks (or funny socks), a bottle of wine and an accompanying glass (or small liquor bottles), and a drink recipe book                                                                                                                                        • a soft blanket, a great coffee mug, delicious coffee/tea/hot chocolate

Have you put together gift boxes? What did you include? We would love to hear from you!

We hope you that these ideas were helpful inspiration for putting together thoughtful self-care gifts for the women on your list this holiday season! For more self-care tips check out our posts here