Twin Registry Must-Haves

January 18, 2023

I have experienced several big “firsts” this past year. Between meeting my now-husband, getting married, and finding out I’m pregnant with TWINS, I think it’s safe to say that 2022 was a big year for me.

Another “first” I experienced was my first baby shower! I have been to various baby showers throughout my life, but to be the person the shower is being thrown for is such a special feeling that I am so grateful for. 

However, I needed lots of help and mom advice on what in the world to put on the registry! Luckily, I have an amazing older sister who is a mom who knew exactly what was necessary and helped me in creating a registry that worked for twins. 

Whether you’re also pregnant with twins or just looking for some baby registry inspo, here are some of the most-wanted items on my twin registry. To make it a little less overwhelming, I am sharing absolute must-have items that are specifically designed for twins. Be sure to be on the lookout for other additional items such as onesies, pacifiers and bottle feeders that were recommended to me as a new mom for my registry!  


Twin Registry Must-Haves 


Table For Two Snuggler Set – A twin mom rec for feeding! I anticipate this getting a whole lot of use when bottle feeding.


Preemie/Newborn Snugglers (Set of 2) – On the site, it says that this suits twins from zero to four months. 


Snack Tray Twin Baby Feeding System – Don’t forget this second necessary part of the twin feeding system. 


Joovy Room Twin Nursery Center – From most twin blogs and podcasts, it seems to be that a lot of moms prefer having a twin nursery sleeper in their room for the first few months. This one is great too because it has the diaper changing station attached to it! 


Joovy Room2 Playard – The Playard is sold separately from the twin nursery center, so be sure to put both on the registry! This will be great too once the twins go into their cribs and sleep in their own room, I can use this as an age-appropriate time for a play/rest area outside of the bedroom. 


The TwinZ Pillow – This is perfect for feeding and can be used as a pregnancy pillow and a whole lot more since it has six total uses. 


Baby Bottle Warmer 8 in 1 – A two-for-one bottle heating system – perfect for twins! 


5” HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor – Add this to your twin registry because you will def want to have two cameras to keep an eye on the little babies. 


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