Pregnancy Announcement | I’m Having…

October 19, 2022

I’ve been keeping a very exciting secret from you all for a while, and I am thrilled that I can finally let you in on it… I’m pregnant!!! My husband and I are expecting TWINS, who will be due in early Spring 2023! 

When we first found out that I was expecting, we both experienced intense emotions – from shock, surprise, joy and excitement – to even a little bit of fear (I mean, we’ve never done this before!). We knew that kids weren’t too far off from our future, but we had a timeline in our heads of about a year out, so when that date came sooner than we planned, we were in for quite the intense ride.

It wasn’t the most unexpected thing, being that I was not on birth control. Still, I had been tracking my cycle intensely, so there was a brief period of shock and disbelief when the pregnancy test immediately read: Pregnant. But, despite that happening very quickly, we adapted and our excitement grew.

I will admit that we both experienced a bit of fear about how our families would react, being that we had only been dating for seven months, but luckily we were met with support and excitement! We both come from close families who value family time and love the idea of more grandchildren. Shortly after our families and extended family learned about the news, we received so many loving and supportive messages!

From there, we were in for quite the whirlwind. We found out the news in August and shortly after, I’m talking about one week, we were engaged! You can read more about my engagement story here, but the part that was left out was that the pregnancy moved the engagement up by a few months. As mentioned, we talked about marriage just a few months into our relationship, but we thought we’d have time to still ease into that next step. We thought, “Why not enjoy the rest of the Summer and Fall and talk more about getting engaged once Winter approaches?”

Once we found out that I was expecting, we agreed that there was no reason to wait on the engagement. And well, once we were engaged, we decided on a not-so-traditional six-week engagement. Now, here we are in late-October, married and back from our honeymoon and focused on baby books and prepping for the twinnies! 

Now the news of twins?! That was another shocker. I mean, finding out you are expecting when you weren’t planning and then finding out there are two babies in there?! Just like tracking my cycle and not being on birth control, I shouldn’t have been too surprised by the news of twins since my mom is an identical twin and her younger siblings are fraternal twins! We are talking lots of twin energy on my mom’s side!

It was unlike any other moment in my life being told at the first ultrasound, “It looks like you are having twins,” and watching my body create two human beings. The amount of shocking emotions and series of events we have experienced in the past few months has left me still in disbelief. I still sometimes can’t believe I have two babies in there, just kicking around and growing. 

While I could go on and on about the details of how pregnancy with twins has been, I will save that for another day and another post because there are lots of unexpected pregnancy symptoms that I experienced in the first trimester and don’t even get me started on the lack of energy that I had weeks 7 through 11!

But what I will say is that I feel incredibly lucky, and this experience has brought in a new relationship and view that I have had of my body, one of amazement and appreciation! I am nervous and excited for the next several months as we prepare for two humans to enter our lives and forever change them. I can’t wait to share all the details and hopefully become a resource or just a support system for moms-to-be because, if anything, I have certainly benefited from hearing other women’s stories on what to expect, what to look out for, what helps what doesn’t, etc. It is one of those experiences where you truly appreciate the power and strength of women!