Great Tampa Restaurants With Pescatarian Options

January 19, 2023

If you have been keeping up with me, you know that my husband and I recently relocated to Tampa, Florida! 

From the warm weather to the beautiful beaches, what’s not to love about Tampa? 

Known as the Big Guava, Tampa Bay is a great place to live year-round and visit on the holidays

In addition to its beauty, Tampa offers some great food options. My husband and I have tried out a few places we have returned to multiple times that have quickly become our favorite spots. Being a pescatarian, I love to share spots with tasty options for seafood lovers and pescatarians. So if you are new or just visiting Tampa for a quick trip, check out some tasty spots! 


Must Try Tampa Restaurants 


Forbici The Poppy’s Shrimp appetizer is amazing! Shrimp in the tastiest garlic sauce?! Yes, please. I tend to order two of these and get it alongside the Erica salad. The Erica salad has quickly become a fav salad for both my husband and me to order. If you are a pizza lover, you will want to order their pizza all the time! 


The Meat Market Okay, the name might make you think otherwise, but if you want an elegant dining experience with delicious seafood and a place where you can people-watch and catch an occasional local celeb, this is your place! They offer some of the biggest shrimp cocktails that I have ever seen.


Water + Flour Water + Flour has quickly become a favorite takeout spot. They offer so much variety that you can be sure to find something for pescatarians or vegetarians. From their salads to seafood sushi rolls to California seafood bowls, this restaurant is def a tasty option for pescatarians! 


Thai IslandI try to avoid lots of milk since it does not agree with me, which is how Thai food comes in super handy. If you don’t mind spice, the seafood dishes and salad options are sure to appeal to your taste buds! 


Jackson’s Bistro – Looking for pescatarian options with a lively scene and a beautiful water view?! Check out Jackson’s Bistro.