Tips for Hydrated & Healthy Skin this Winter

January 9, 2023

Between the cool temps and the dry air, winter seems to present a major dilemma: dry skin. Having lived up north most of my life, I know how important having a skincare routine is to keep your skin happy during the cool winter months. I love to discuss all the tips and hacks that I find most useful, so here is what my skincare routine for the winter has consisted of!


Winter Skin Care Tips


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – We all know how important this one is, but seriously – nothing is worse for dry, winter skin than being dehydrated. I can feel the difference between hydrated me versus dehydrated me in all senses: from my mood to my skin. I recommend finding a go-to water bottle like a Hydroflask or this Stanley Cup dupe from Simple Modern to keep your water intake consistent.


Vitamins – Talk to your doctor beforehand, but in past winters, I would make sure that I was taking a daily supplement to ensure that I was getting all my vitamins. I personally found that my skin benefited from gummies with collagen and hyaluronic acid. Again, consult with your doctor beforehand to see what would work best for you. I found long-term benefits to taking vitamins and noticed a difference in my skin texture, going from dull to glowing.  


Beauty Tools – I can’t say enough about beauty tools and how they have helped my skin. I have kept up with my beauty tools throughout my pregnancy, especially in the morning, to get my blood flowing. Even so, despite not being able to use my regular skincare and acne-preventative products, I have kept my skin even clearer and more glowy. I know that that is in part to these beauty tools and getting the circulation moving. I have found the gua sha and skin roller to be extremely helpful to my winter skincare routine. Check out my favorite facial tools and kits under $30, including this affordable beauty tool combo.  


Application – Take the time to apply your creams, especially by giving your face a little massage in your morning and nighttime routines. The nighttime can make for especially dry skin in the winter, so make sure you really work your creams and serums into your skin rather than just applying a light layer. Here are products that are a MUST for my winter skin that you can incorporate into your glowy, winter skincare routine.


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