Facial Tools & Kits Under Thirty

January 29, 2022
Image of Maddie holding a gua sha beauty tool with the rest of the beauty tools behind it

Being that I am a fan of  au naturel beauty and embracing the skin you are in, I have greatly appreciated the increase in popularity and exposure to facial beauty tools on social media as it has led me to incorporate this beneficial step to my skin care routine over the past year. Facial beauty tools, such as the gua sha, have been around for ages but only recently seem to be in the media as a great process to add to a well rounded skin care regimen.  I love the idea of not overcomplicating a skin care routine, so I have warmly welcomed the use of facial beauty tools into my daily skin care routine as I can do it on my own time and have found noticeable benefits to the daily use of such tools. According to the Cleveland Clinic the gua sha can promote circulation and aid in healing, which I have found great for the parts of the face that do hold more tension and of course with the increase of circulation and blood flow, I have found a more immediate natural glow!    Not only has my skin seemed to benefit from daily use but in a more long term effect, my skin has not been this smooth and blemish free in quite some time. So for those of you who have been curious about trying this (actually not so new) but new trending skin care practice and don’t know where to start or what products to purchase, I am sharing my favorite beauty tools and kits that I introduced to my skin care routine when first testing out this practice, all of which were budget friendly under thirty!

Four Facial Beauty Tools Under Thirty To Consider: 

Image of Maddie Using the Gua Sha Beauty Tools

The gua sha tool has very quickly become part of my daily skin care routine!

Herbivore Gua Sha Rose Tool – $24

For just under thirty dollars, this amazing brand (a brand with lots of clean products listed on clean at sephora) sells an amazing rose quartz gua sha tool! If there is a tool that is a must to start out with for facial beauty tools it has to be the gua sha! This is a super smooth stone that is great to use for the face! With the more flat side- it provides a smooth tool to use along your jaw. I also appreciate the three curves option for this particular gua sha stone as it provides more use and impact I have found! Being the crystal therapy lover that I am this rose quartz stone option was a no brainer for me!


Stainless Steel Face Roller – $16 

Another super affordable option sold on amazon, this stainless steel facial roller is the perfect addition to your skin care regimen that you won’t regret! This particular tool offers a different model to provide you with a very relaxing amazing facial massage! At the begin or end of the day- using one of these along the jaw and other parts of your face that may hold tension feels amazing.  I accidentally left this tool at home for a weekend trip and no joke was missing it for the two days I went without it. Regardless of its long term impact, the immediate benefits along are enough to keep this as a necessity to happy healthy skin care routine!


 Ice Roller- $15

Image of Ice Roller and Face Mask

This ice roller provides a great addition to any self-care and skin care routine!

Another tool that I was totally unaware of until a few of my fav influencers started sharing this essential to their skin care. For some reason it never occurred to me that applying an ice roller to your face would be a practice being that it is used for the rest of the body when dealing with inflammation and pain, but nonetheless I am happy to have found out about this product! There are so many on amazon but I read the reviews of all of them and this super budget friendly option seemed to be the best for reviews and price and so far it has been great! Plus it’s pink so it’s a little more exciting and makes me that much more appreciative of this new skin care addition!                                      

Eco Tools Facial Roller – $12

Eco Tools is always a good go to affordable brand for brushes as they all are said to be vegan. Now you can also find facial roller and eye roller all for under fifteen dollars from this vegan and natural beauty product brand!

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