My Sensitive Skin Care Must-Haves To Fight Winter Dryness

January 6, 2023

Winter is notorious for dry and flaky skin. I rely on these skin care products to help combat drying and help my super sensitive skin. 

While the move down south has helped my skin from becoming too dry during the winter months, I still feel my skin drying out once the temperature drops so far and the humidity dissipates. 

Unfortunately, winter skin care is about getting enough moisture to keep your skin feeling plump and firm. As someone who has very sensitive skin, I am especially wary about the practices and products that I use on my skin. 

Being an East Coaster for most of my life, I have picked up a lot of skincare tips and tricks over the years to survive the long, cold winter months. 

So here are my winter skin care tips and some of my winter skincare must-haves for my sensitive skin to avoid chapped lips and that uncomfortable itchy, dry skin feeling. 


Skin Care Must-Haves To Fight Dryness: 


Aquaphor – If you have been following me for a while, you know I am a diehard Aquaphor fan. If I have one holy grail product, it’s a big rub of this stuff. While I use Aquaphor year-round, I go through so much more of it during the winter, slathering my lips with it every single day. 


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – Literally, the ONLY, face wash that I will use. This gentle skin cleanser lives up to its name with a wash that does not strip your skin of all its moisture all the while getting rid of the dirt and makeup products that I wear. My sensitive skin has worked really well with this particular wash- avoiding breakouts. 


Cetaphil Body Lotion – I use this for both my body and my face. Of course, I have clean beauty serums that I swear by that penetrate my skin with moisture, but I apply this directly after and it is the perfect moisturizer and not to mention one that my acne-prone skin can handle without breakouts. 


Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream – I was first introduced to this product when I was on a super intense acne medication that dried my skin out beyond belief. I could barely wear makeup without it flaking due to my skin’s dryness. This was one of the only creams that were found to combat that extreme drying side effect so it is safe to say that it is approved for the natural winter drying that occurs. This is definitely a splurge-worthy item for extremely dry, sensitive skin! 


Lune + Aster Hydralift Primer – As the name suggests, this is the hydrating primer that you need to set your face for your makeup this winter. Again, this was a product I discovered when using an intensive skin care treatment in my early twenties. This was suggested as one of the most hydrating sensitive skin primers, and ever since, my skin has been loving it! 

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