Ten Places To Shop For Affordable Boho Baby Clothes

January 10, 2023

As you probably know by now, my personal style is heavily influenced by boho fashion. Whether it’s opting for boho clothing or designing a simple boho bedroom, I love the simplicity and freedom that the boho aesthetic provides. 

With my due date getting closer and closer, I have been on the lookout for cute boho baby clothing. The piece of advice that I have received the most when it comes to baby clothes is that you don’t need as much as you expect and that they quickly outgrow them, which is why finding affordable boho baby clothes makes the most sense. 

Nevertheless, I have found several great online retailers that offer some of the cutest boho baby clothes I have ever seen. So, if you’re shopping for clothes for your little one and have a similar aesthetic, here are some places I have had luck with! 


Ten Affordable Places to Shop for Cute Boho Baby Clothes



Surprisingly, Amazon has had some of the nicest baby clothes I have found so far! The thing I love about Amazon is that you can always find great basics, like this sleeveless linen bodysuit or this gender neutral boho baby set. Just search their boho baby section and you will find endless suitable options. 


August + Willow 

Affordable and adorable options are to be found on this boho clothing website. This rainbow onesie is simple and cute


Bohemian Mama 

A sustainable brand to feel good about purchasing from: this boho clothing brand offers a wide variety of boho baby clothes for a wide range of prices. While some are on the more expensive side, the sales offer some affordable finds, such as this star onesie


Boho Baby Clothes 

A brand dedicated to just boho baby clothes, the prices range from just under twenty to thirty dollars for the cutest clothes. Check out this cute boho baby tie-dye onesie for something different! But for your traditional boho baby look, check out this boho baby romper set



Carter’s offers a lot of basics for babies at an affordable price. If you look around you will find something that appeals to your boho sense of style. Check out this cute boy’s boho set



Check out this cute handmade affordable set for a stylish boho baby OOTD. Between the flare and flowers this has boho written all over it. I also love this personalized boho moon child onesie, it is perfect for a newborn gift!



With adorably designed boho baby clothes starting at just $10- this is a site to have on your radar. Check out this affordable babe gender neutral boho onesie.   Want a true boho baby bodysuit? Check out this girly boho graphic onesie for your future flower child. 


Old Navy

I have found many great basics at Old Navy, both for myself and the babies! This 8-pack set of unisex long-sleeve bodysuits is a steal at only $32 and definitely fits the boho aesthetic I love. 


Reverie Threads

I first stumbled across Reverie Threads when I was browsing the internet for boho baby clothes, and I instantly became obsessed with their entire aesthetic. Reverie Threads sells beautifully-made children’s clothing with a dreamy, earthy feel. Every piece by Reverie Threads is beautiful, but I especially love this little ribbed outfit set. For fellow purple lovers, check out this affordable and adorable violet boho baby set



Target has everything, so of course they will hook you up with boho baby clothes. Check out this pack of four simple boho onesies for under $20!


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