The Four Brands To Shop For Boho Beach Cover-Ups

June 17, 2021
Sara Standing on the Edge overlooking the water in Hawaii In the Billabong Overalls

Aside from our bathing suits, the next items of clothing that you will find front and center in our closets all summer long are our cover-ups! More specifically, we have a few staple pieces that we alternate between wearing throughout the summer months to provide us with style, comfort, and that light material that is necessary in the hot summer heat all the while still keeping us adequately shielded! We are sharing our four fav brands to shop at when looking for quality staple pieces to invest in to feel like a stylish boho beach babe all summer long!

Sidenote: Most of these brands can all be found on Nordstroms website for those looking to shop from one site!


This is a favorite brand of Sara’s to shop at for cover- ups! This brand is perfect for those going for that surfer boho beach babe look this summer and their cute styles provide you with the quality you want at a slightly more affordable (still pricey tho) cost than some of the other brands on this list do. For all those who are overall lovers- their Wild Pursuit Overalls are a must have!

Sara Standing on the Edge overlooking the water in Hawaii In the Billabong Overalls

For those who love overalls- this Billabongs cover-up is a must have! They are loose, light and so cute for any beach day or getaway!

Free People

Calling all boho babes who also happen to be TALL! Free People’s collection of cover- ups are perfect for tall women as many of their styles are long and flowy. These are perfect for anyone above average height as you can appreciate a stylish light maxi to shield most of your body without feeling like its fitted to look more like a midi! And speaking of midi’s a lot of their midi dresses from past have truly fit my 6’2 self like a midi is supposed to- hitting just below the knee (as pictured below)!

Maddie Sitting on a dock in a green Free People Midi Dress

Tall women who love the boho style- Free People is your go to for cover-ups!

L *Space

Much like our favorite bathing suits, a lot of our fav cover-ups have come from this brand. Since swimwear is what they are well known for- they always are that reliable brand to provide you with high quality options to last you many summers- making it worth the splurge!

Sara sitting on a rock in front of a lake

L *Space has a variety of patterns in their Tunic Cover ups that are perfect for hot summer days and simple enough to go along with all bathing suits!

Surf Gypsy

This is Maddie’s favorite brand to shop at for cover-ups as they combine the love for boho style, beach vibes, and tie-dye patterns into most of their cover- up collection! Their shirt dresses are perfect, providing that light enough layer that will still protect your shoulders from the sun all the while still being just long enough to count as a shirt dress and not just a shirt for those who are tall!

Maddie Taking A mirror picture in a surf Gypsy Cover up

This brand has so many different patterns in this shirt dress cover- up! And would highly recommend checking out this brand for those who love Tie-Dye!