The Five Best Bikini Brands To Splurge On

June 4, 2021
Picture of A Blue Bikini, Sun Hat, and Sun Glasses

With Memorial Day weekend in the books, it is that unofficial start of summer and we are in complete summer mode!  We celebrated the new season by sporting all the summer vibes possible, with our fav summer drinks poured into our fav glittery pink pineapple pool cups, wearing our fav sunnies, sun hats, and most importantly our fav stylish and comfy bikini’s! After having had a full weekend (and a few prior too) of fun in the sun in our fav suits along with some of our new additions, we feel well equipped to write this blog post featuring the brands that are definitely splurge worthy and worth the investment (as these are pricey) for summer 2021 and so on! So read on to find out the brands that we feel are worth the investment as they will give you the quality to wear for countless beach days without any tear, all the while giving you comfort to enjoy your day, and of course the style to show off your amazing gorgeous self! We hope y’all enjoy and have the best beach/ pool days ahead!

Our Five Favorite Bikini Brands: 

Becca Swim

The two of us absolutely love this brand,  from their bottoms to tops the quality is always reliably high!  Additionally, this collection allows you to invest in a bikini that you can wear for any beach day, so whether it be a beach date with someone you’ve been seeing, a boating day with your besties, or even a family trip- these are styles that can be worn for with any group for any occasion!

OUR FAVORITE BIKINI BOTTOMS EVER: The Becca Swim High Leg Banded High Waist Bikini Bottom

Sizing Considerations:  Interestingly enough, I (Maddie) typically size up for bottoms and down for tops and whether it be that I accidentally grabbed the wrong size in the tops or not, I somehow have ended up with the opposite situation for Becca Swimwear.  I went for my usual pant size range in the bottoms and sized up for the tops. To be honest, I am very small chested so I would suggest that those considering this brand to size up in tops since I found myself fitting into a bigger size!

Picture of Maddie Looking out at the ocean in a bathing suit and sun hat

B. Swim

Maddie’s Fav: This is a brand that you will probably hear less about but don’t let that deter you from scoping out some amazing bikinis from this collection- plus if we all shop the same places we will always be wearing the same bikini’s right?! I like this collection especially for its cheeky bottoms! These are the type of style and cut you expect when you read cheeky bottoms as they cut across rather than the inverted triangle cut that most high waisted cheeky bottoms seem to take. Personally, I think these are a very flattering cheeky cut that no matter how I am feeling prior to putting on once I wear these I am feeling ready for lots of fun in the sun! They are cute and I love that this brand features this one cut and style in a variety of colors!

Sizing Considerations: As mentioned above, I typically size up in bottoms which I did for this brand and found them to fit perfectly. I would say if you are in between sizes typically, I would go up the size!

Maddie In B. Swim bathing suit and Sun Hat On a Dock

These B. Swim cheeky bottoms have far outlasted my blonde and bronde days (pictured above) without any sign of wear and tear to this day! 

Free People

A favorite brand (Sara, here), the free people swimsuits provide quality and of course style! You can be sure to have your fair share of beachy boho styles but also just fashionable suits to sport all summer long!

Sizing Considerations: I have been happy with the sizing having found most of these true to size!

Sara Sitting on rocks on a beach in Hawaii in a free people bathing suit

Loved this free people top so much that I purchased this style in multiple colors!

L* Space

This is a great quality brand that the two of us love with these bottoms and tops having lasted us many seasons and still looking as good as the day we purchases them! Despite those accidental washes and drying cycles with cottons and other garments that they totally warned us to not wash with (oops) these are still in great condition! You can rely on this brand to give you stylish trendy swimwear but also soft enough material that allows you all the comfort you want.

Sizing Considerations: I (maddie here) have found that these, as with most of my swim bottoms, I size up and they fit great- so for those who find yourself doing that with most bikini bottoms I would consider doing so for this brand too!

Sara sitting on a rock on a lake


This is a personal fav of mine (Sara, here) as I have found these to have the most stylish trendy suits as you can tell above the blue suit in the velvet material stands out! Additionally, this brand allows you a slightly more customized feel as they offer a different sizing chart for tops– one that seems similar to bra sizing!

Sizing Considerations: In my experience I have found these to run pretty true to size!


If you enjoyed our bathing suit suggestions, be sure to check out our favorite brands to shop for cover-ups